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Young man's first luxury car? How to choose between S60 and CT5

Nowadays, when young people buy their first car, they often focus on the luxury B-segment car market, among which Volvo S60 and Cadillac CT5 are the first choice of many young consumers.

In terms of appearance, the Volvo S60 adopts a classic Nordic minimalist style design. The iconic waterfall-style chrome-plated grille and simple and elegant body shape present a low-key luxury beauty. In order to cater to the aesthetics of young consumers, the vehicle also provides an optional sports version appearance, blackened grid grille and black surround kit, which will bring a stronger visual impact.

The most attractive thing about the S60 is its "Thor's Hammer" headlight and "Viking Tomahawk" taillight. The finishing touch of design.

Compared with the simple style of Volvo S60, Cadillac CT5 takes a sporty route. The angular and powerful diamond-cut body, as well as the coupe-like fastback shape, all create a good sporty atmosphere. The iconic "Diamond Tears" is also quite individual and recognizable.

Cadillac CT5 has two sets of luxury and sports appearances. The luxury version has a dot-matrix chrome grille and a large number of chrome-plated decorations; tonality.

Entering the car, the Volvo S60 still adopts the design language of Nordic minimalism. The layout of the center console is clean and tidy. Except for a row of air-conditioning buttons under the center console, there are almost no other physical buttons, with metal trim and chrome-plated air-conditioning outlets. And leather upholstery seats, giving people a sense of refinement and elegance. The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel and 9-inch central touch screen on the center console add a touch of technology to the cockpit.

The interior design of Cadillac CT5 is a very pure American luxury model. Although the leather content is high, it gives people a very rough feeling, especially the dense physical buttons under the central control screen, which are full of mechanical texture, which is very in line with the its motion positioning. It is worth mentioning that the vehicle's 12-inch full LCD instrument panel is not standard for all series, so the cockpit's sense of technology will be slightly inferior.

In terms of space, the two models have not been lengthened in China. The body length, width and height of the Volvo S60 are 4761x1850x1437mm, and the wheelbase is 2872mm. cause too much impact. An adult with a height of about 175cm sits in the back row, and can still get 2 punches of leg room, and about 4 fingers of head room, and the ride comfort is still good.

Cadillac CT5 has an advantage in terms of size, with a length, width and height of 4924x1883x1445mm, and a wheelbase of 2947mm, completely surpassing the Volvo S60. However, it is a pity that the CT5 does not make good use of its size advantage. The rear leg room is only about 1.5 punches, and the slip-back shape occupies too much head space, which will bring a more obvious sense of cramping and comfort. Poor sex.

In terms of configuration, the performance of the two cars can be described as different. Volvo is more excellent in active and passive safety and assisted driving configurations. Lane departure warning, lane keeping, active braking, fatigue reminder, City Safety assisted driving system, etc. are all standard configurations of the whole series. Even the most entry-level models can get Comprehensive security protection.

Cadillac CT5 focuses more on performance, such as active air intake grille, variable steering ratio, and Brembo calipers, Michelin PS4S tires, active electromagnetic induction suspension, mechanical limited slip differential, etc., which are all provided. Of course, if it is a top-equipped model, it will also have the Super Curise super driving assistance system, which can also achieve L2-level assisted driving.

In terms of power, Volvo S60 has three power versions of B3, B4 and B5. They are all equipped with 2.0T engine + 48V light hybrid system, but the power performance and transmission system are different. The B3 model engine has a maximum power of 163 horsepower and a maximum torque of 265 Nm, and the transmission is matched with a 7DCT gearbox; the B4 and B5 models have a maximum engine power of 197 horsepower and 250 horsepower, and a maximum torque of 300 Nm and 350 Nm respectively. Both transmissions are matched with 8AT gearboxes. Among them, the acceleration time of the B5 model from 100 kilometers can reach 6.9 seconds. As for the chassis, all Volvo S60 models are front-wheel drive and equipped with a front double wishbone + rear multi-link independent suspension system.

The Cadillac CT5 adopts a longitudinal rear-drive layout and is equipped with a 2.0T high-power engine + 10AT gearbox. The maximum power of the engine is 237 horsepower, the maximum torque is 350 Nm, and the acceleration time from 100 kilometers is 7.3 seconds. It also has front double ball joints Spring shock absorber struts + rear five-link independent suspension system, electromagnetic induction suspension, mechanical limited-slip differential and other performance equipment blessings.

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