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The World's Largest Manufacturer Of Atomization Equipment

The World's Largest Manufacturer Of Atomization Equipment

People's awareness of electronic cigarettes is gradually deepening, and more and more people give up traditional cigarettes and choose relatively healthy electronic cigarettes due to health or other factors.The core component of the electronic cigarette is its atomizing core. The atomizing core is responsible for converting the computer in the electronic cigarette into heat energy, heating and atomizing the smoke oil, and generating smoke, which is equivalent to the "engine" and "heart". The material and structure directly determine the quality of the electronic cigarette experience. The atomizing cores on the market are also being iteratively updated with the needs of the market. From the combination of cotton cores and metal coils in the early days to the popular metal-coated ceramic technology today, it will undoubtedly provide consumers with a better experience .

Speaking of ceramic heating element technology for electronic cigarettes, in fact, as early as 2014, FEELM, a subsidiary of SMOORE, started research on ceramic heating element technology, and successfully developed the first generation ceramic atomizing core in 2015, but FEEIM did not stop Therefore, in 2016, the black ceramic film-coated atomizing core was created, and in 2018, the sales volume of the black ceramic film atomizing core reached a scale of 100 million. In the following years, FEELM continued to win awards for its black ceramic film atomization system. In the following year, FEELM black ceramic film-coated atomization core with an annual production capacity of 1 billion ceramic heating element technology won the industry's first "China Patent Excellence Award". In 2020, it won the German iF Industrial Design Award. FEELM has always focused on the research of cutting-edge atomization technology, redefined the atomization system, integrated cutting-edge technology inheritance, and millennium ingenuity, allowing technology and tradition to complement each other, from the first one to one billion, consistent, with the ultimate craftsmanship "Core" brings excellent taste experience to global consumers.

There must be a successful company behind a good brand, and SMOORE behind FEELM is just such a company. SMOORE International was established in Shenzhen in 2009, and is committed to becoming a global leader that can provide atomization technology solutions. The industry experience of nearly 20 years has enabled SMOORE to continue to expand its scale, and now has nearly 20,000 employees. , and officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 10, 2020. At present, SMOORE is building three major business frameworks in the concentric business: one is new tobacco, which is currently the main source of income of SMOORE, and it is also a huge massive market; the second is beauty; the third is medical treatment. At present, Small's main business is mainly divided into two parts, one is the electronic atomization technology manufacturing (ODM business) for corporate customers such as tobacco companies, and the second is the self-owned open electronic atomization equipment for retail customers Or APV research design manufacturing and sales business. More than 20 years of industry experience and the leading enterprise status in the electronic cigarette market are enough to demonstrate the quality of our products. If you have the intention of cooperation, you may wish to contact us. I believe we can become each other's loyal partners! Look forward to working with you.


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