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We gurrantee that website developed for you and delivered to you accord with the standards as follows:

A URL should be as readable as possible. For instance, http://example.com?userId=332&group=MyGroup is less readable than http://example.com/mygroup/me.

Your web page will not send cookies > 100kB. Keep the size of cookies as low as possible to minimize the impact on the loading time. HTTP cookies are used to track a user to costumize the page according to their profile. They are sent as a HTTP header from the web server to the browser. Then, each time the browser accesses to the server, it sends a request containing the cookie received at the first response.

IDs within your HTML code are unique. Using the same ID on several elements can have side effects, especially during JavaScript executions or when applying CSS rules.

Silverlight plugin is not used. Silverlight plugin is considered obsolete in 2015. HTML5 is more powerful and more widely supported. Using Silverlight plugin can lead to compatibility issues and may send negative signals to your users (eg the browser indicating that content was blocked because it could be dangerous).

The words are well separated in this URL. You should prefer the use of dashes in the URL. URL and SEO The words in the URL are among the many factors impacting the SEO: if you search the words web performance in a search engine, one criterion used by Google will be to check if the URL contains the words performance and web. But for Google, underscores are not word separators: If your URL contains web_performance it will not help to highlight the page on the query web performance (web_performance is regarded as a unique word). This behavior is however not common to all search engines. For example, Bing does not differentiate dashes and underscores. Please note that Google does not penalize you for using an underscore in the URL.

You specify a consistent label on your links. A link is more attractive if the text describes what is behind it. You can also take the opportunity to use keywords in these texts, to improve your page's SEO. Describe the link in your <a> tag, rather than indicating the link itself. Example: <a href="http://mylink.com/">My description</a> The content of your <a> tags are different from the link itself. That's a best practice.

This page uses Universal Analytics. Since April 2014, Google provides the new Google Analytics version, called Universal Analytics. This tool allows a better understanding of how visitors interact with your online content. This page uses the Universal Analytics properties. Note that it is perfectly safe to include both ga.js/dc.js (old version) and analytics.js (new version) snippets on the same page.

Prefer the JPEG format. The main problem of PNG format is to not support quality loss. Indeed, a format such as JPEG offers to "downgrade" the quality of the image without being perceived by the user. Doing so, you can reduce the quality of the image of about 25% whithout the user realizes it. An image with an consequent weight will be therefore better compressed by using the JPEG format.

Robots.txt file will be defined. Indicate to web crawlers which URLs should be explored on your website. The robots.txt file Place your robots.txt file in the root of the website. It will be interpreted by the robots in charge of your SEO. It delivers instructions to specify the pages to explore by robots, like Google bot. Note that these directives are indicative only. A lambda robot will not be blocked by the restrictions specified by the file.

We will use CSS sprites. Combining images into CSS sprites reduces the number of files. The browser has to download and accelerates the loading time. CSS sprites explained A CSS sprite is a single file in which several smaller images are grouped and positioned one beside the other. You can display each small image in your page by applying CSS styles, and a single request is necessary to recover all the images. Use this method only for small images, such as icons, so the CSS sprite is not too heavy.

Tabpear Tech is one of the Top IT solutions providing company in xián China. Tabpear Tech offers services in Mobile Application Development, Web Designing and Web Development. Tabpear has a state of the art IT development facilities and expert IT professionals having years of rich experience in their respective fields. We have a long list of satisfied clients across the globe.

Tabpear chose Xi'an, China as the location of our technology campus because of its emerging status as a High-tech powerhouse, enabling us to deliver high quality coding-on-demand for customers across the globe through the following key attributes:

Unlimited Talent

China is fast overtaking India as a centre of software development excellence, and Xi'an universities in particular are turning out some of the brightest brains in the business... lots of them! Xi'an has China's third largest education base behind Beijing and Shanghai, producing some 17,000 Masters of IT graduates every year... an outstanding pool of talent from which we get to pick and choose!

Xi'an has China's third largest education base behind Beijing and Shanghai, producing some 17,000 Masters of IT graduates every year... an outstanding pool of talent from which we get to pick and choose!

Outstanding Infrastructure

Xi'an is not just the home of the Terracotta Warriors, it is the ancient capital and birthplace of the Chinese Nation. The significance of Xi'an's location and history is not lost on the current Chinese leadership, who are pouring Billions of Yuan every year into the region's already impressive infrastructure.

Great Company

The Chinese and local governments have long incentivised Technology companies to relocate to the area, even creating the Xi'an Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone to act as a physical hub. It comes as no surprise then to see global companies such as Samsung investing US$7 Billion in their local facility.

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