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What are the benefits of hot springs? What state is suitable for hot springs?

Hot springs are a kind of natural therapy. Now more and more people like to go to hot springs, so do you know what are the benefits of hot springs? The most important thing in hot springs is to eliminate fatigue and promote blood circulation. However, hot springs also have beauty and skin care, relax muscles and joints, and relieve pain.

1. Muscles and joints are relaxed and diseases are treated. The hot springs contain minerals such as coal, sulfur, ephedra, and realgar, which have certain curative effects on indigestion, chills, edema, chest pain, and skin diseases. Experts suggest that it is not very effective to soak in hot springs once or twice during holidays, and it is effective to persist in long-term hot springs.

2. Treat the skin. In the case of ensuring skin health, you can choose to take a hot spring. Hot spring water contains a lot of trace elements and minerals, which can promote skin regeneration and protect skin. The temperature of the hot spring water is about 40 degrees, with a slightly salty taste. After soaking, you will find that the skin is particularly smooth.

3, hot spring diet. The trace elements in hot springs can increase blood circulation, promote metabolism, remove excess fat and reduce body weight. After soaking in hot springs, rinse the body with cold water, which can promote bone contraction and generate the desire to move, which will also reduce weight. However, people with weak constitution, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure should not use this weight loss method.

4. Sunbathing and forest bathing in open-air hot springs have special curative effects on osteoporosis. The interaction of calcium and ultraviolet rays in hot springs is helpful for physical health.

5. Waterfall bath can relax tendons and activate collaterals and relieve body pain. However, when taking a waterfall bath, avoid direct impact with the spring water, and the oblique angle relieves the water pressure to impact the towel, and it is best to attach it to the painful part.

Hot springs seem simple, but not everyone knows how to soak them scientifically. When soaking in the hot spring, you should close your eyes as much as possible, take a few deep breaths in a meditative mood, and truly release your physical and mental stress. Also, do not start soaking in hot springs from a pool with too hot water, but from a pool with a milder water temperature; do not soak your body in hot pool water for more than 10 minutes each time, and keep your upper chest out of the water or rest from the water in time ; Do not soak for more than 10 minutes each time at the water level above the chest, alternate soaking with milder pool water in time, or soak your body in time after resting on the surface of the water. The temperature of the hot spring is high, and after soaking, there will be discomfort such as sweating, dry mouth, chest tightness, etc. This is a normal reaction of excessive blood circulation. At this time, you can soak in cold water or soak in water for a while, and drink plenty of water to soothe.

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