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Compared with the Honor Magic V, what upgrades does the Honor Magic Vs folding screen phone have?

On November 23, 22, Honor released the new Honor Magic Vs at the press conference. This folding screen mobile phone is full of surprises. Compared with the previous generation Honor Magic V, it has been enhanced from the outside to the inside, and the price is also quite affordable. The high cost performance has attracted many attentions.

For folding screen mobile phones, "thin, light and portable" is especially important, because today's consumers are used to thin and light smartphones. The Honor Magic Vs has made a breakthrough in this regard. The body weighs only 261 grams and is 12.9mm (folded) and 6.1mm (expanded) thinner, which is 32 grams lighter than the previous generation, and thinner by 1.4mm and 0.6mm. mm, but also has a more compact, more delicate and more quality body.

The difference between Honor Magic Vs and Honor Magic V, compared with Honor Magic V, Honor Magic Vs has been upgraded in 5 places.

1. A more pleasing processor

Honor Magic Vs is equipped with Snapdragon 8+ processor, while Honor Magic V is powered by Snapdragon 8

On the basis of higher performance than Snapdragon 8, Snapdragon 8+ also has balanced power consumption and is not easy to heat up. Snapdragon 8 is a well-known fire dragon.

2. Cameras that support telephoto

Honor Magic Vs replaces the 50MP spectral lens of Honor Magic V with an 8MP telephoto lens, supports 3x optical zoom, 30x digital zoom, enhanced vision capabilities, and adds OIS anti-shake, the overall image is more stable, and the main camera The sensor is upgraded to IMX800, and the light input is more sufficient.

3. Increased battery capacity

The Honor Magic Vs has a built-in 5000 mAh battery, which has 250 mAh more capacity than the Honor Magic V, and with lower power consumption, the battery life increases.

4. Much thinner and lighter

The Honor Magic Vs has changed from the suspended water drop hinge of the Honor Magic V to the Luban zero-gear hinge with lighter weight and stronger performance. It adopts a mortise and tenon integrated design that is 62% lighter than traditional metal materials.

Coupled with the lighter and more resistant rare-earth alloy outer screen and high-strength titanium alloy inner screen, the overall weight is 27-28 grams lighter and 0.6-1.4 mm thinner than the Honor Magic V.

5. The external screen is more resistant to fabrication

The outer screen of the Honor Magic Vs is covered with a stronger 3D nano-ceramic glass

The front selfie lens is a downgrade.

The internal and external screen selfie lens of the Honor Magic Vs is 16 million pixels, and the Honor Magic V is 42 million pixels.

The screen, charging and peripheral configuration are the same

• The size of the inner and outer screens are 7.96/6.45 inches, the refresh rate is 90/120HZ, the resolution is 25060*1080, and both support 1920HZ high-frequency PWM dimming

• Charging power is 66W

• Both use side fingerprints, stereo dual speakers, both support NFC function

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