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Which is more secure, smart lock or ordinary electronic lock?

Which is better, home smart lock or traditional electronic lock?

I believe everyone knows that there are various locks in the lock market, such as electronic locks, mechanical locks, anti-theft locks, home smart locks... and so on. Although both electronic locks and home smart locks are currently more popular locks, smart locks are more popular than traditional electronic locks. So which is better, home smart lock or traditional electronic lock?

Comparison of home smart locks and traditional electronic locks:

1. Differences in management methods

The traditional electronic lock is very insufficient in the management function. The management function of the smart lock is very powerful: you can use the mobile phone to solve the management problems of the lock itself, the management of keys, the management of permissions, and the management of electricity. It can also solve some problems in our daily life: set the time for the hourly babysitter to enter and leave the house, you don’t need to go to the scene to send a cloud key intermediary to sell the house, and you don’t need to pay the rent on time when renting the house. Set a time-limited cloud key Just give it to the tenant. There is still a lot of room for development of new smart locks in terms of management functions.

2. Differences in Safe Mode

Traditional electronic locks mainly rely on biometric identification technology, password authentication, and mechanical locks as the main body of the security structure, and the security structure is single. The security structure of home smart locks is relatively complex, and it is necessary to integrate biometric identification technology, password authentication, mechanical keys, encryption and decryption technology of electronic information, authentication technology, mutual encryption technology of hardware and software, and encryption technology of other smart terminals. The smart lock forms a security system. He can use other terminals to form a system to manage the security in real time. The security of the new smart lock should be more reliable, stronger and more controllable.

3. Differences in interconnectivity

The traditional electronic lock is a stand-alone product and cannot be connected with the smart terminal. The new home smart lock is an Internet product, which can be connected with other security terminals to form a powerful security network to realize real-time area (home, community, open community) security management, and can also be connected with other non-security smart terminals. Docking has become an important part of smart home. The importance of new smart locks will only grow in importance over the next few years.

What are the advantages of smart fingerprint locks and traditional electronic locks?

1. Technology

The traditional intelligent electronic lock mainly uses unique biometric features such as fingerprints, facebooks, and iris to encrypt, decrypt and authenticate, and achieve the function of safe unlocking. Technical core: identification technology of biological systems.

The smart fingerprint lock comprehensively applies mobile Internet technology, cloud technology, smart phone technology, biometric technology, encryption and decryption of electronic information and authentication technology. It solves the problem of unlocking and management through a security system project.

2. How to unlock and operate

The difference between the traditional smart fingerprint lock and the new smart fingerprint lock is even greater in the way of unlocking and the way of operation.

Differences in unlocking methods: Although traditional smart electronic locks have unlocking methods such as fingerprints, iris, Facebook, proximity cards, and passwords, you must do it yourself and visit the site to unlock the lock.

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