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Which is better, wired or wireless earphones, and how should I choose?

Headphones, I believe, are a must-have electronic product for many people. Sometimes you need to create a sound environment but you don't want to disturb others, then you need to choose to wear headphones, or you need to enjoy music while exercising. Special sports earphones will also be needed, so how should we choose earphones?

At present, there are only two types of earphones on the market, wired earphones and wireless earphones. Should we choose wired earphones or wireless earphones when purchasing?

1. The advantages of wireless headphones

The advantages are mainly reflected in portability, compatibility, ease of use, comfort and durability, as follows:

Easy to carry: The small charging compartment can not only replenish energy, but also facilitate storage. The body of wireless earphones is often small, lightweight and convenient.

Good compatibility: wireless headphones do not have compatibility problems caused by the difference in the size and shape of various device jacks, whether it is a square hole, a round hole, a large hole or a small hole, as long as it has Bluetooth function, it can be used on PC, tablet, mobile phone and other Smart devices are available.

Convenient operation: The wireless headset can be directly operated and controlled on the body. It can cut songs by pressing, touching, sliding, etc. It is very convenient to answer calls, and it will not cause damage to the physical buttons if used for a long time.

Comfortable to wear: Wired earphones are often bulky, and they are not stable to wear on the ears. It is easy to be scratched by the zipper of other people's schoolbags when crowding the bus and subway, and the ears are often rubbed when exercising, which is particularly uncomfortable. The stethoscope effect is obvious, but wireless earphones do not. these questions.

Long lifespan: Wired earphones are prone to problems due to frequent plugging and unplugging, especially the earphones set up at subway entrances or the kind of earphones with 9.9 free shipping from a certain treasure. The material is very poor. There's nothing wrong with that either.

2. Disadvantages of wireless headphones

The disadvantage is that it uses bluetooth, haha, don't be in a hurry to hit me, listen to my explanation first.

Limited power: Because wireless headsets are developed based on the Bluetooth protocol, work requires power consumption. Like mobile phones, the battery capacity of Bluetooth headsets is limited, usually between 4-8 hours for a single use. Fortunately, many headsets now support Fast and wireless charging.

The sound quality experience is slightly worse than that of wired headphones: due to Bluetooth transmission, the audio data will be compressed and transmitted and then decompressed, resulting in loss of sound quality, and the support of different mobile phone terminal encoding formats may not be perfect, and there are also problems with the consistency of sound effect experience.

Signals are delayed and unstable: also because Bluetooth transmission, encoding and decoding, sound amplification and other links are time-consuming, Bluetooth headsets have different degrees of delay, and the Bluetooth version technology is different, resulting in the transmission of Bluetooth signals by physical Due to the influence of distance and obstructions, headphones with lower quality are generally disconnected.

3. Disadvantages of wired headphones

Refer to the advantages of wireless earphones and do the opposite.

Inconvenient to carry, poor compatibility, troublesome to operate, uncomfortable to wear, not durable and easy to break.

4. Advantages of wired headphones

Referring to the shortcomings of wireless headphones, the same can be reversed.

Don't worry about battery issues, good sound quality with almost no lag, poor signal stability? nonexistent.

Summary: Wired headphones have good sound quality and stable signals; wireless headphones are better in portability, compatibility, and functional experience. Wireless earphones are definitely the trend of future development. At present, the price of wireless earphones is generally higher than that of wired earphones. When purchasing earphones, it still depends on which aspect you focus on, whether it is the pursuit of sound quality or convenience. Choice is king.

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