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Feng Timo, cross-border out of the live ring, release a solo album

At the age of 27, "the first online red in the mainland", Feng Ti Mo is a red-hot person. In the past, she was involved in marriage and local fans. Recently, she actively crossed the live broadcast circle. She not only released her solo album, but also was invited to participate in many large-scale awards ceremony. Last year, I was awarded the "Best Newcomer of the Year Award" at the "Popular Music Chart". At noon today (8th), she suddenly announced that she would suspend the live broadcast. It turned out that her contract with the live broadcast platform was full, and she would consider the next new cooperation plan, attracting many fans to cheer her up.

Feng Timo has many fans on the Internet because of her beautiful appearance and singing voice. She was named "a sister in the live broadcast industry". At the beginning of this year, she was hit by a game reality, saying that she was threatened by the live broadcast platform. The contract was renewed at a low price, but the parties did not respond. After 10 months, Feng Dimo suddenly confirmed on Weibo: "On September 30, 2019, my live broadcast contract with Betta has been successfully expired." The announcement of the expiration of leaving the betta has surprised many fans.

Feng Timo also said that because the new work is still under negotiation, the live broadcast will be suspended recently. Once the next step is determined, the fans will be notified immediately and stressed: "I am very grateful for the past five years and the platform and everyone grow together", suggesting Peacefully leaving the fighting fish, the next focus will be on the tour signing ceremony. In response, the netizen responded: "We will wait quietly regardless of the outcome." "Well, we are waiting for you~ signing for the meeting", " No matter where we are, we will always support you to accompany you." "May you have a bright future! Timo is cheering."

When Feng Timo just debuted as the anchor, he was strongly opposed by his father. Finally, he was able to carry out the grandfather’s 2000 yuan subsidy.

After entering the live broadcast industry, Feng Timo and the 珂, the big cousin, and Chen Yifa have the title of “Betta F4”.

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