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Electronic Cigarettes china

Electronic Cigarettes china

The atomizing core is the heart of the electronic cigarette. In order to improve the experience of using the electronic cigarette, the material of the atomizing core of the electronic cigarette on the market has undergone multiple generations of evolution.

The earliest is the glass fiber rope outsourcing heating wire, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, strong oil absorption and fast oil conduction speed. But it is easy to produce flocs when it has not absorbed the e-liquid and is still exposed. Since many e-cigarette users are worried about the phenomenon of "dropping powder" of glass fiber rope into the lungs, this material has been gradually eliminated in China. Next is the resistance silk cotton core, which has the advantages of large oil storage capacity, good oil conductivity, and full and real smoke taste. However, the life of the cotton core is short, it is easy to burn dry, and the taste is not stable enough. The last ceramic atomizing core is still widely used. Compared with the cotton core, the atomization taste of the ceramic core is more delicate, and the smoke entrance is smoother. The stable and durable characteristics of the ceramic core also solve the problems of the cotton core, such as easy dry burning, unstable taste, and easy to burn the core. However, the ceramic core also has disadvantages, the cost is relatively expensive, and it is inferior to the cotton core in terms of taste reduction and oil leakage. So in this case, why would the brand choose the ceramic core? At present, most of the ceramic atomizing cores on the market are provided by SMOORE.SMOORE is also the best e-cig company. To address the shortcomings of the ceramic atomizing cores, we have made improvements in all aspects. The atomized particles of the SMOORE ceramic atomizing cores can reach the nanometer level, and the smoothness of the taste has been improved. a lot of. Equipped with a unique heating system, it can also avoid taste attenuation during use. The atomized molecular particles are small, and the mist is fine and uniform, ensuring a soft and mellow taste and a consistent mouthfeel. In terms of oil leakage, we adopted the ceramic bowl-shaped structure design for the first time, which has strong sealing performance and greatly reduces the possibility of leakage. In addition, the ceramic atomizing core we use can greatly improve the utilization rate of the atomizing liquid compared with the mainstream liquid storage cotton disposable products on the market, which means that the atomizing liquid of the same capacity can bring more The number of mouthfuls allows consumers to get more benefits.

Since its establishment, SMOORE has always adhered to the mission of "Atomization Makes Life Better". From technology research and development to brand management, we strive to be the latest and best in the industry. In the future journey, we look forward to more partners to join us, ride the wind and waves together, and win the future together!


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