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SMOORE​ Electronic Cigarette Factory China atomization technology of electronic cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Factory China SMOORE

E-cigarette is an atomizer powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It generates "steam" for users to inhale by heating the e-liquid in the oil tank. It has a similar appearance, smoke and feel to cigarettes. The biggest difference between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that they do not contain harmful ingredients such as tar and suspended particles, and electronic cigarettes are not as choking as traditional cigarettes.

After e-cigarettes gradually became known to the public, their demands gradually emerged. Some people are just experiencing e-cigarettes for the first time, and their purchase needs may be limited to appearance, taste, etc. There are also some users who have a higher experience, such as inhalation mode, fancy smoke blowing skills, etc. There are also some high-end users who will be equipped with exclusive personal advanced private electronic cigarette equipment according to their own needs. These high-end e-cigarette users have a deeper understanding of e-cigarettes, and correspondingly have higher requirements for the structure of e-cigarettes and various user experience effects. Anyone who is knowledgeable knows that the core technology of e-cigarettes is the atomization technology. SMOORE is the world's largest manufacturer of electronic cigarette equipment. Since its establishment, it has been committed to realizing the mission statement of "Atomization Makes Life Better", increasing scientific research efforts, continuously deepening investment in basic research, and promoting the development of atomization technology. Future-proofing, achieving results that exceed expectations and spark imagination. At present, the company has acquired talents in various fields around the world, of which more than 40% are used for research and development, and the number of patent applications is as high as 4337. With its strong creativity and research and development capabilities, SMOORE has gained a large number of loyal customers and has provided OEM services for many domestic and foreign brands.

We can customize solutions according to the needs of customers, and also provide atomization solutions in other fields. If you have more unique insights on the atomization technology of electronic cigarettes, please contact us through WeChat, or leave a message on the official Weibo.


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