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Phoenix Web

Phoenix Web 

Fenghuangwang (Fenghuang New Media, NYSE: FENG) is the world's leading cross-platform online new media company, integrating its three comprehensive platforms: Phoenix Portal, Mobile Phoenix and Phoenix Video, adhering to the "Chinese feelings, global vision, and compatibility. The media concept of "Openness, Progressive Forces," provides mainstream Chinese with new media, high-quality content and services that integrate Internet, wireless communications, and television networks.

In February 2018, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Broadcasting and Broadcasting and the Beijing Municipal Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Team jointly interviewed six websites such as and investigated and dealt with the “Information Network Audiovisual Program Permit” without authorization and engaged in audiovisual program services on the Internet without permission. Anyone who is suspected of spreading a program that violates the provisions of Article 16 of the "Administrative Regulations on Internet Audio-visual Program Services" shall be ordered to make rectification within a time limit. [1] 

Company Name Phoenix Website (NYSE: FENG) Foreign Name Phoenix New Media Headquarters Location Hong Kong Established 1996 Business Scope News Company Profile Private Companies Corporate slogans The power of the times The annual turnover is 1.1 billion yuan 2012 Official website http:/ /

table of Contents

1 Development process

2 Management Team

3 major channels

4 Website History

 Memorabilia in previous years

5 Substations

6 Phoenix Wireless

7 Corporate events

Development history

Phoenix website logo

Phoenix website logo

Fenghuangwang (Fenghuang New Media, NYSE: FENG) is the world’s leading cross-platform network new media company, integrating its three comprehensive platforms: Phoenix, mobile phone Phoenix, mobile client and Phoenix video, adhering to “Chinese feelings, "Global vision, inclusiveness, and progressive forces" media concept provides mainstream Chinese with Internet, mobile Internet, video and cross-platform integration, seamless integration of new media, high-quality content and services.

Phoenix Network is not only the network communication channel for high-quality TV content of the controlling Phoenix TV Media Group, but also integrates the content produced by many professional media organizations, user-generated content, and professional content produced by itself, providing a full range of audio and video with text graphics. Comprehensive news, in-depth reports, opinions and comments, financial products, interactive applications, sharing of communities, online web games and other services to meet the needs of the mainstream population for browsing, expression, communication, sharing, entertainment, wealth management and other diversification and individuation. For the TV platform transmitted to Phoenix TV, an innovative network-to-team combination communication model is created to provide rich content and services anywhere, anytime for the Internet, mobile Internet, and video users.

Phoenix Network old and new logo

Phoenix Network old and new logo

With an average daily user coverage (UV) of more than 47 million, Phoenix Daily has over 430 million monthly users, making it the fourth largest portal site in China. Mobile Phoenix Daily has more than 200 million page views per day (PV). According to the report of iResearch in 2012, the monthly average income, family economic status, education level, ratio of management and professional staff, PV/UV ratio of a single visitor's page, average daily browsing time, etc. It is at the leading level in China's Internet portals. With its unique audience accuracy, content insight, platform integration, and brand influence, is the core of media marketing value.

In the era of disruptive innovation brought about by broadband and mobile Internet and the integration of old and new media, has led the combined portfolio of Internet, mobile Internet, and television, and media innovation in the 3G era. According to Alexa's data in March 2013,’s pageviews (PV) ranked first among global TV and print media sites, ahead of BBC, CNN, AOL, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CCTV, and so on. [2] 

Management team editing

Job Title

Phoenix New Media Chairman, Phoenix Satellite TV Executive Director, Executive Deputy Chief Executive Cui Qiang

Phoenix New Media CEO, Executive Director, Phoenix TV Operations Manager Liu Shuang

Phoenix New Media President, a little information CEO Li Ya

Phoenix New Media Co-President and Chief Information Officer

Phoenix New Media CFO He Wei

Senior Vice President of Phoenix New Media Liu Shu

Phoenix New Media Vice President Chen Ming

Phoenix New Media Vice President and Phoenix Web Editor Zou Ming

Phoenix New Media Vice President Li Daoxin

Phoenix New Media Vice President Jin Mingyan

Phoenix New Media Vice President and General Manager of Phoenix News Client Yue Jianxiong

Phoenix New Media Vice President Chi Xiaoyan

References: [3] (Note: as of December 22, 2016)

Major channel editors

Phoenix Network is a graphic and audio integrated information website of Phoenix New Media. Provide comprehensive news information on politics, society, finance, entertainment, fashion, and life in the international, Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions; provide users with interactive and interactive space for Web 2.0 applications such as blogs, forums, debates, and surveys. The multimedia services that can be customized with RSS, TAG, on-demand, carousel, personal schedules, etc. meet the personalized information needs of users.

1. Information Channel

With the world, in sync with the information, the global Chinese zero distance

Phoenix Information Channel is the most overseas-oriented news channel in the integrated portal. It takes the big heart of Phoenix and caters to the global mainstream Chinese information needs to provide comprehensive, high-end, authoritative and diverse information, commentary, video, and interactive products. The characteristics of current administration are consistent and profoundly grasp the core topics that the Chinese are most concerned about. Independent analysis from a foreign perspective to explore the truth of the incident and gain progressive power.

2. Financial Channel

Observe the truth of wealth

The first time to deliver news, analyze the value of information, provide global financial services for Chinese users, and provide Chinese financial services to users around the world are the financial portals most concerned by high-end people. We are committed to operating timely, accurate, comprehensive, and professional financial and financial information 24 hours a day, a unique value judgment, and independent reporting perspectives covering finance, stocks, funds, wealth management, finance, commerce, and consumption. According to the “Report on the Fifth China Internet Brand Cognition, Consumer Behavior, and Satisfaction Survey” published in November 2010, the Finance Channel’s user satisfaction, user loyalty, and referral index are among the top financial indicators. Brand first.

3. Entertainment Channel

In-depth reading entertainment entertainment panorama

Reading entertainment, perspective vanity field. Based on the perspective of the global Chinese, the Phoenix Entertainment Channel strives to present the panorama of Chinese and Taiwanese entertainment in the three places. While providing the fastest, hottest and most in-depth entertainment news and special reports, it also taps into the internal value of entertainment and extends its social significance. It also introduces professional interpretation and heavy thinking beyond pure entertainment gossip. The channel covers rich content such as stars, movies, television, music, interviews, videos, variety shows, reviews, pictures, forums, and performances.

4. Fashion Channel

Lead the taste of life The most marketing value

Fenghuangwang Fashion Channel adheres to the principle of “leading quality life” and covers fashion, beauty, weight loss, luxury goods, travel, home, arts, emotions and other trend areas, providing a wealth of original fashion trends for urban gold collars and fashionistas. , For the most fashionable style of user brand businesses to grasp the international fashion trends, provide a cutting-edge view of fashion, set up a rich interactive and personalized services, is the audience most widely and most popular Chinese language fashion media.

5. Technology Channel

Industry Trend Insights, Leader in Technology Trends

On March 22, 2010, the Fenghuangwang Technology Channel went online, targeting mainstream Internet users with 25-45-year-old male focus, focusing on TMT industry practitioners, researchers, consumers of high-end digital products, and strong interest in technology information and products. By. Provide the latest and fastest technology information, unique and in-depth trend analysis, as well as a comprehensive and detailed information database of people, products, and companies.

6. Car channel

Mid-level and white-collar workers' car portal

Fenghuangwang Automobile Channel is a portal automobile website that has a rapid rise in the Chinese world and has extensive influence. It is a high-quality marketing and dissemination platform integrating the purchase of cars, vehicles, and car stories. For the middle class and white-collar workers to provide the most comprehensive automotive information and services.

7. Real Estate Channel

Global Chinese Real Estate & Home Professional Network Media

Launched on December 2, 2009, Nielsen ranked fourth. Phoenix Real Estate, as a new information platform for real estate industry, will disseminate the concept of healthy living from the perspective of global human settlement to promote the living environment. To improve itself; to build an exhibition and communication platform for organizations that are committed to improvement of human settlements, enterprises engaged in real estate industry, well-known scholars, and pioneers in the industry; pay attention to improving human settlements conditions and provide comprehensive reference for consumer information for high-end home buyers. Services, focusing on cross-regional urban residential model, build cross-regional home information exchange platform.

Fenghuangwang Real Estate is committed to building the first platform for high-end home information and services, and is striving to realize the leading Chinese living in new media.

8. History Channel

Let history illuminate reality

Focusing on the vision of Phoenix, it focuses on the modern and contemporary political history of China and the world, restores the historical truth, integrates the theme of news planning for the anniversary and emergency events, integrates Phoenix Satellite TV's rich humanistic historical resources, and reports reality with strong humanistic feelings to create the best Historical and cultural quality and high-end influence historical platform.

9. Sports Channel

Mainstream sports report Focus on the needs of high-end people

Fenghuangwang Sports Channel went online in 2007, targeting mainstream Internet users, mainly males aged 25-45 years, providing mainstream sports information services such as text, pictures, videos, and data. Taking the Phoenix media's media values ??to dig deeper into the story behind sports information, focusing on the sports reading needs of 120 million high-end Internet users, creating the only Internet portal that belongs to their portal sports channel.

10. Lottery Channel

The Phoenix Lottery Channel provides professional lottery information and news, and the color variety includes mainstream color varieties such as digital color, high-frequency color, and competitive color.


Website History Editor


2016 Fenghuang Beauty Beautiful Tonghang Charity Night Charity of Xiamen Charity raised more than 9.03 million yuan

The new media approach under the mobile wave - GMIC Phoenix Website [4]


Fenghuang Net and Xinhua News Agency New Media Center jointly build warm news section

"Phoenix All Media Research Institute" unveiled a grand press conference at Shanghai TV Festival

"Phoenix" "Beautiful Child" was selected in the 2015 Internet Public Welfare Influence List [4]

Year 2014

2014 Chinese Economic Leaders' Festival

Wemedia Annual Meeting Interview with Phoenix Internet President Li Ya

Fengming Busan China's original marketing overseas Yangwei

Phoenix Automobile Festival was held successfully

2014 South American Super Derby Cup Phoenix as an exclusive media outlet

China's First Chinese Scholarship Ceremony

2014 Beautiful Children's Entertainment Festival [4]

year 2013

July 2013 Phoenix has been rated by college students’ favorite media for two consecutive years

June 2013 Mobile Phone Phoenix won the Best Mobile Media Star

April 2013 Phoenix Games Center won the top ten operating platform

January 2013 The Phoenix Automobile Festival was successfully held

January 2013 Phoenix was honored as the Top 30 Best Employers in China in 2012 [4]


December 2012 Phoenix Cyber ??won the 2012 Sogou “Most Popular Military Website of the Year” Award

In December 2012, Phoenix Newcomer Announces Ten Annual Awards. Zhou Kehua is Killed.

December 2012 2012 Phoenix Fashion Choice ended Hong Hong Lei Jun won the title of 2012 Phoenix Fashion Leader

December 2012 New Driving Force for Reform - The Phoenix Financial Summit 2012 was successfully held

December 2012 Top Ten Chinese Economic Leaders Announced in 2012

September 2012 Phoenix Beautiful New Media sponsors a beautiful childhood medical charity charity fundraiser to raise over 8 million donations

August 2012 Phoenix Public Wealth won the "China's Top Ten Most Concerned Public Welfare Media Awards" brand

April 2012 Phoenix Fashion won the "China Women's Favorite Fashion Portal" Award for Brand China

March 2012 App100 application popularity list announced Phoenix News finalists "the most media"

February 2012 Phoenix New Media Receives 2011 China Best Employer of the Year Award [4]

year 2011

September 2011 Phoenix launches Social TV application - Weishitong

September 2011 Phoenix New Media Wang Yulin: Commercialization of light blogs is stronger than Weibo

August 2011 Phoenix New Media Q2 Financial Report: Total Revenue Increased 83.5% YoY - Techweb

In August 2011, Morgan Stanley granted Fenghuang New Media stocks with an increase rating - Hexun

August 2011 Phoenix CFO Liu Qianli: Fast Bo will become the main social media product - i US stocks

August 2011 Phoenix Express Launches Open Beta Prestigious Media Preemptively - Techweb

August 2011 Chen Zhihua: Differentiation of Video Websites to Live - China Computer News

August 2011 Motley Fool Columnist Recommends Buying Phoenix New Media Stocks - i US Stock

July 2011 Phoenix new media CEO Liu Shuang: microblogging and portal will not replace each other -

year 2010

July 2010 Phoenix website wins "2009-2010 News Media of the Year" - Baidu

May 2010 Phoenix won the "China Advertising Media Honor Certificate" - China Advertising Association

April 2010 Phoenix won the "Best Media Convergence Award in China" - Ai Ruixin Economy, 2009-2010 China Best Internet Enterprise Award

In February 2010, Jin Ling joined and became the vice president. He is fully responsible for the management of new media advertising marketing.

January 2010 Phoenix New Media Receives Five Grand Prizes such as Adworld Gold Winning Award New Portal - DCCI

January 2010 Phoenix won the “2009 China New Media Contribution Award”, and Chief Editor Wang Wei won the “2009 China Business Media New Manager Award” - 2009 China Business Media Awards

January 2010 Phoenix won the "2009 China's Most Valued Corporate Media Website" - 2009 Chinese Corporate Spokesperson and Media Value Conference

Year 2009

March 26th, 2009 Fenghuang won the “Nomination for Silver Award for ROI-Digital Awards Digital Marketing Award” - Third People

March 16, 2009 Wang Yulin Joins Phoenix New Media as Vice President Responsible for Wireless Business Construction and Management

March 10th, 2009 Internet Association Joins Phoenix, Baidu, Sina, Netease, Tencent and Sohu to Form an Internet Integrity Promotion Alliance

February 09, 2009 Liu Wei Joins Phoenix New Media as Vice President Responsible for the Development and Management of Cross-Platform Terminal Services

January 04, 2009 Wang Wei Joins Phoenix New Media as Vice President Responsible for the Construction and Management of Financial Content, Products and Business Channels

January 2009 Phoenix CE

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