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How to make a built-in bedroom closet

What are the decoration tips for room closets

A good way to plan closet space is to use shoe racks. They also have many sizes and designs. They can be placed at the bottom of the closet or hung on your back. Otherwise, it is also a good idea to use plastic fresh-keeping boxes for fruits and vegetables. Place shoes, hats, scarves or other small things that can be accommodated at the bottom of the closet. If there is not enough space in the room to fit a full-size closet, then a hanging closet may be enough. Make full use of every space in the bedroom. In terms of the size of the closet, try to maximize it. Make it possible to store more items and clothes in a limited space.

What are the methods for remodeling old closets

The main structure does not move, the whole is polished and cleaned. According to the color matching of the home, choose the paint color to paint the whole. And if the construction is completed, it is best to install it in the form of a sliding door, which is not only convenient but also beautiful.

What are the tips for installing the closet

It is mainly divided into two categories: factory-customized door-to-door installation and on-site carpentry production. The former is usually fixed with expansion bolts on the wall, mostly with top paint, and the board is MDF, and the latter is fixed with wooden wedge and iron nails with holes on the wall. The material is mostly laminated lumber or blockboard, and then painted. Glulam is more environmentally friendly and durable.

Many people always encounter a problem when buying or customizing a wardrobe in the market. The size of the wardrobe bought is inconsistent with the size of the room, which is very troublesome. When designing the bedroom closet, you only need to configure the closet door according to the style of the room. In the closet, combined partitions are used, and any combination constitutes a storage space for personal needs. In this way, the wardrobe is integrated with the decoration of the room, and the space utilization rate reaches 100%.

The bedroom closet is actually a cabinet embedded in the wall. It can be used as a closet to store clothes, or it can be used as a cabinet and set in the kitchen.

The main advantage of the closet is that it saves space. The design embedded in the wall greatly saves space and enhances the usability of the space; and from the outside, the cabinet feels very small and thin, does not have a heavy feeling, and is very beautiful. Closet doors are mostly sliding doors, which saves the space for opening the door, and is especially suitable for rooms with relatively small bedrooms. So bedroom closets became popular.

How to use the closet door to make a cheap and beautiful wall cabinet?

The use of sliding doors for bedroom closets not only allows us to operate very simple, easy to operate, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Some bedroom closets are also equipped with elastic stretching equipment, which can be upgraded arbitrarily, concisely and practically, reflecting the ingenious design ideas, so in the wall closet, where is the drawer, where is the partition, where is the clothes, it will be You arrange how to put towels, socks, and ties in place. Some wall cabinets are also equipped with a trouser rack with pulleys, which can be neatly hung on a dozen pairs of trousers. They are ventilated and will not wrinkle. It is clear at a glance and easy to take. .

For a room with a concave wall in the structure (or a room where the whole wall is used as a closet), it is necessary to install a combined partition in the concave wall, and then install a set of closet doors, which can become a beautiful and durable wall cabinet. The wall inside the cabinet can be directly painted on the interior wall paint or pasted with wallpaper.

The size of the track box above the sliding door of the bedroom closet should be 12 cm high and 9 cm wide. Like a curtain box, a track is installed in the track box, and the sliding door can be hung on the track.

Be cautious when using sliding doors from floor to ceiling (Minghang rail box)

Because the swing amplitude is too large when pushing and pulling, the sliding door is easy to be deformed after a long time, and the door cannot be opened after the deformation, which means that it cannot be repaired and cannot be used.

The width of the sliding door is exquisite

The gold size of a normal door is about 80 cm×200 cm. Under this structure, the door is relatively stable. If the height is higher than 200 cm or even higher, it is better to narrow the width of the door or make more sliding doors under the premise that the area remains the same to keep the door stable and safe to use sex.

The top of the suspended sliding door needs to be reinforced. Generally, the inside of the large wooden sliding door also needs to be reinforced with a steel structure, and then other productions are used on the outside.

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