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SMOORE TECH China E-cigarette Market

China E-cigarette Market

With the rapid development of science and technology, e-cigarettes have undergone update iterations again and again. A variety of appearances, healthier performance, different flavors to choose from and other advantages have opened an insurmountable gap between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular among users.

In recent years, driven by the Internet, more and more people know about electronic cigarettes, and China's electronic cigarette market is also developing rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye. Compared with traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes not only satisfy the sense of relaxation and pleasure brought by inhalation, but also have the characteristics of convenient carrying, beautiful appearance, convenient use, comfortable and sweet entrance, and no harmful particles derived from smoke inhalation such as tar. Among one group, the number of users who support e-cigarettes has increased rapidly. There are also some high-end users, such as DIY silk, self-adjusting e-liquid, various fancy smoke shows, mechanical smoke, etc. These needs cannot be met by traditional cigarettes. Of course, while people pay more attention to the sense of life experience, they are also concerned about the health problems caused by smoking. I believe that "smoking is harmful to your health" is a truth that every smoker understands, but once a smoking addiction is formed, it is difficult to quit. In addition, Coupled with the fact that there is no place to vent the pressure of life, smoking in a busy life can indeed bring smokers a quiet time. For these people, it should be a better choice now to replace the cigarettes that cannot be quit with electronic cigarettes that are less harmful to the body! Moreover, electronic cigarettes can also play a transitional role in the process of quitting smoking.

Driven by market demand, the China e-cigarette market has rapidly become "busy", and various e-cigarettes, various e-cigarette brands and companies have poured into the market. However, despite the blessing of the high-tech era background, not every company can produce qualified electronic cigarette products. SMOORE TECH is leading the development in the field of e-cigarettes, has established a global innovation talent pool on a global scale, and is fortunate to have acquired talents in many fields. At present, we have four research centers in the United States and ten research centers in China. We have cooperated with testing centers and research institutions around the world, and have applied for a total of 4,337 related patents. We have become the world's largest manufacturer of electronic cigarette equipment. SMOORE is the world's leading provider of atomization technology services, and has the confidence and ability to use SMOORE TECH to make your life better.


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