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What is the use of car navigator What are the precautions for using car navigator

1. What is the method of using car navigator

1. Start the vehicle

Before the vehicle drives, think about where you want to go, estimate the approximate time, and start the vehicle to make the entire vehicle's circuit unblocked, so that we can operate the car navigation system.

2. Turn on the car display

Each model is not the same, but they are all the same. Find the switch button of the car navigator and press it with your hand.

3. Turn on the car navigation function

On the car's display screen, find the "Navigation" option, and then click with your hand to open the car map navigation.

4. Carry out navigation settings.

Search for a location at the top of the screen and click OK, or in the lower right corner of the navigation homepage, click the "All" menu option, you can see the places you often go to, and click on a route to use it.

5. Adjustment of map size

In the lower right corner of the navigation page, you can find the signs of "+" and "-". Press and hold the "+" with your hand to keep the map zoomed in. Press and hold the "-" to keep the map zoomed out until Reach the size you want.

6. Start navigation

Start the vehicle, the red arrow on the screen indicates the location of our vehicle, and some signs around it can make us familiar with the driving environment as soon as possible, and there are voice prompts for road sections that need attention.

7. Turn off the navigation

When the vehicle reaches the end point, press the return option on the left side of the screen with your hand, return to the main page when the screen is turned on, and then turn off the car's screen, so that the entire car navigation system use process is over.

Second, what are the precautions for the use of car navigation systems

1. Do not expose the equipment to sand or dust.

2. Do not use chemical reagents or detergents to clean the navigator, as this will damage the surface of the machine and corrode the spray paint.

3. Please do not charge the GPS in a place that is too cold or too hot, as this may damage the performance of the battery.

4. Please don't let the sun shine directly on the equipment, and don't put it under high temperature, so as to avoid overheating of the machine body, causing malfunction or dangerous situation.

5. If the navigator is malfunctioning, do not disassemble the equipment by yourself, please send it to professional maintenance personnel for repair.

6. Do not press the LCD screen hard. Do not expose the LCD screen to sunlight, as this may cause equipment failure. Please use a soft flannel to clean the surface of the screen to remove dust.

7. When the system is reading and writing the memory card, please do not remove the memory card.

8. Pay attention to the compatibility of multimedia files. The car navigator can only play file systems that comply with the design rules of the navigator.

9. It is forbidden for the navigator to use overload power, bend forcefully or squeeze the power cord with heavy objects, so as to avoid heat generation and fire.

10. In order to prevent electric shock, it is forbidden to unplug and plug the power source with wet hands, and insert the power plug completely into the socket.

11. Please place the charging navigator out of the reach of children.

12. Put the equipment on a flat platform to work. Avoid placing the equipment on blankets, pillows, carpets, etc. and keep them in working condition, because this will make the equipment working temperature may be too high and cause damage to the equipment.

13. Keep all cables connected to the navigator in a safe and tidy manner, so as not to be damaged due to the messy cable arrangement and the fall.

14. Please don't turn off the power directly when navigating, playing movies, music and pictures, it is easy to cause data loss.

Car navigation is carried out by using car GPS (Global Positioning System) with electronic maps. It can conveniently and accurately tell the driver the shortest or fastest route to the destination. It is a good helper for the driver. Car navigation has GPS global satellite positioning system function, allowing you to know your exact location anytime and anywhere when driving a car. Car navigation has functions such as automatic voice navigation, best route search, etc., allowing you to take a shortcut and unimpeded travel. The integrated office and entertainment functions allow you to travel easily and efficiently! General car navigation functions include DVD player, radio receiver, Bluetooth hands-free, touch screen, optional function, intelligent track reversing, tire pressure detection function, virtual six-disc, background control function!

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