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How to treat car navigation and mobile phone navigation?

For modern people, GPS is no longer a strange term. Although the GPS system was originally built for military purposes, it quickly developed for civilian use. Through commercial communication satellites, GPS is applied to car navigation to guide car drivers, and it becomes a car navigation system (also known as car navigation system, which can be abbreviated as CIPS). On the other hand, traditional maps are often unable to keep up with street changes and are difficult to identify, which often prevents drivers from getting accurate instructions. Therefore, a satellite navigation system that can use satellite signals from high altitudes to accurately and timely navigate and locate vehicles has become an invaluable treasure. People can not only choose the navigation system as an optional configuration when buying a new car, but also install the device on an existing car, or even configure a mobile satellite navigation system, and put it in which car you drive. Or take it to go wild or mountain climbing.

There are many types of GPS car navigators on the market. Consumers should pay attention to them when purchasing. As a mature GPS car navigation device, the basic functions that should be provided include: GPS satellite navigation and positioning, electronic map browsing and query, intelligent route planning, and full range Voice prompts. Among them, the amount of data and the level of detail of the electronic map are the most important. In addition to the rich city map, the national road network map is also indispensable, otherwise the navigator will not recognize the road out of the city. In addition, the appearance, installation method, and physical performance of the machine are also worth noting. Choosing a GPS car navigation system with simple installation procedures, beautiful appearance, waterproof and shock resistance, and stable star collection will make users handy.

The required test systems include GPS signal transponders, GPS signal simulators GPS-3000 and GPS-5000A, etc.

With the popularity of mobile phone navigation, more and more people choose to use mobile phones instead of car navigators. However, long-time navigation on mobile phones may run out of battery, making it inconvenient to go out. And if you want to install a car navigation system, many people will find it too expensive and troublesome to install.

At this time, a portable car navigator is a good choice. Compared with the built-in fixed car navigator, the portable car navigator is not only cheap, but also non-destructive and quick to install. It can be easily fixed on the center console with only a suction cup.

In addition, the types of portable car navigators are also relatively rich, and you can choose various functions that suit you according to your purpose of use. For example, it can provide high-resolution TV images with digital TV functions, driving recorder functions, and rear camera functions. With the help of a portable car navigator, you can enjoy a more relaxed and pleasant driving experience.

Unsolvable disadvantages of mobile navigation:

1. Endanger driving safety

The mobile phone exists independently from the car and is not easy to fix. In addition, the mobile phone screen is small. If the fixed position is far away from the driving position, you need to keep your eyes off the road to view navigation. Some riders stick the mobile phone to the steering wheel. In the event of a collision, the airbag will pop out, and the mobile phone will pose a fatal danger.

2. Unstable navigation

On the one hand, mobile phone signals are easily affected by coverings such as elevated highways and tunnels, and if the driving speed is too fast, the accuracy will be weakened, causing interruptions or delays. On the other hand, the mobile phone may answer the call at any time, and the navigation screen is terminated, interspersed with no navigation period for the driving process.

3. Affect other functions

The use of mobile phone navigation will accelerate the consumption of mobile phone batteries, and in case of emergency or other important events, it will affect life other than driving. In addition, in this era when traffic replaces phone bills, navigation has a large demand for traffic, and the additional consumption can be imagined.

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