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C.Miniata Daily Disposables Essence brings unlimited protection to your skin. Did you pick it up?

C.Miniata Daily Disposables Essence brings unlimited protection to your skin. Did you pick it up?

The new favorite of exquisite women, C.MiniataDaily Disposables Essence

C.Miniata Daily Disposables Essence, giving you better skin care


On a hot summer day, people are squatting in the ocean of "sunbathing". As everyone knows, the lazy sun hides behind the cold skin killer: redness, tingling, water loss, dull skin, pigmentation and other problems, if you can not repair and maintain the skin in the first time It is easy to cause permanent damage to the skin. Skin care needs to be accumulated over a long period of time. C.Miniata'sdaily-Disposables essence saves sensitive skin after sun exposure, reshapes skin cells and gives the skin unlimited protection.


Choose precious materials from all over the world, just for the better of you


C.Miniata Daily disposables essence carefully selects precious raw materials, including ginger root extract, bisabolol, purslane extract, kava pepper leaf/root/stem extract and so on. These skin-targeted ingredients complement each other to solve the problems of inflammation, acne, allergies, etc., which activate skin, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, moisturizing, etc., and protect the skin in all aspects.

Not only that, C.Miniata has also cooperated with Collagen peptideresearch laboratory which base on Japan, the core material supplier of the world's first-line makeup brand, to use medical grade collagen peptides in raw materials. The so-called collagen peptide is a protein commonly used in animal-based foods. It can reduce the molecular weight of a substance by a series of refining, inhibit skin aging caused by ultraviolet radiation, inhibit the thickness of the epidermal layer, and prevent skin. Rough and so on.

It is precisely because C.Miniata is scientifically rigorous, which has the advantages of high quality, anti-glycation and hormone-free. Up to 99% content is the greatest sincerity of C. Miniata to give back to consumers.

28 days skin rejuvenation, daily Disposables  repair gives you endless luxury

C.Miniata Daily Disposables Essence delivers day and night tossing essence based on a 28-day skin rejuvenation cycle. The daytime and nighttime interactions, which are soft and easy to be absorbed by the skin, release a large amount of anti-black and white active ingredients, focus on repairing the skin damaged by ultraviolet radiation, leaving the skin bright and white. Among them, C.Miniata's daily-type essence contains the active ingredients to quickly nourish the muscles. Intensive care allows the skin to be restored while returning to a firm state. At the same time, it can enhance the vitality of skin cells and repair and rebuild the skin. Ability has improved.

In the laboratory, we can feel the direct skin care effect. According to the test results of the C. Miniata daily disposables essence, 96% of the users were sensitive, 82% of the users improved the skin structure, and 89% of the users felt the skin more radiant. In the professional test and experimental results, we can see the direct effect of C. Miniata daily-type essence on skin repair and care. The combination of daily Disposables  and skin care products can ensure the freshness of skin care products and can be targeted. Create a periodic “nursing home” for the skin, allowing the skin to reinvent itself in a cycle of care. As we all know, good products require the word-of-mouth of users. If most users agree on this, the efficacy of the products will be affirmed.

At present, C.Miniata Daily Disposables Essence has entered the skin care market. Its original Daily-Disposables care and luxurious materials have won unanimous praise from consumers. In the skin care circle where customers choose the right, C.Miniata daily Disposables type the success of the essence comes from the consumer's satisfying experience. The 28-day cycle care stimulates the skin's activity and returns the skin to a younger state. This kind of Daily DisposablesEssence that brings you endless luxury, are you picking it up?

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