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Why do you have to wear a helmet when riding a bike? How to Choose a Bike Helmet Quickly

Nowadays, more and more young people like to ride bicycles, but many people do not wear helmets, some find it troublesome, and some do not want to wear them because they feel uncomfortable.

How important is it to wear a helmet on a bike? It's a life-saving thing at a critical moment~

The structure of the bicycle helmet is very simple. According to the processing method of the outer shell (PC or PVC) and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), it is divided into one-piece helmet (In-mold) and non-one-piece helmet (Out mold), of which EPS The foam layer is a very core component for the rider to buffer/absorb the external impact energy when an accidental impact occurs. One of the principles of helmets protecting the head from injury is that after a frontal or side impact, the helmet bears the brunt of the impact and helps you block most of the impact. The frequent result is that the helmet breaks and the head is fine or damaged. greatly reduced. (Of course high-speed impact is not in the discussion)

How to Choose a Bike Helmet Quickly

1) Appearance design

The appearance of half-face helmets can be roughly divided into 3 categories:

road helmet

mountain bike helmet

Commuter helmet

Road bike helmets usually do not have a brim, and the overall design is more streamlined. High-end road helmets can be made very light, such as Lazer, Specialized. Road helmets are naturally more suitable for road bikers.

Mountain bike helmets often come with a detachable visor, because the use scene may involve the suburban jungle, and the visor can block accidentally dropped twigs and rain. Some mountain bike helmets will be heavier than road bike helmets, and the number of ventilation holes will be less, but the overall coverage will be stronger, especially the XC mountain off-road type.

The commuter helmet looks a bit like some electric vehicle helmets, with a more rounded shape, fewer ventilation holes, and a larger wrapping area for the head. Many foreign brands of commuter helmets are very beautiful. The new regulations for electric vehicles that were just introduced some time ago made helmets popular for a while. I think this type of helmet is very suitable to replace the heavy and ugly electric vehicle helmet~

2) Molded structure

Bicycle helmets are mainly divided into two structures, one-piece and non-one-piece.

To put it simply, the one-piece helmet is a one-time stamping of the plasticized PC shell and EPS into the mold. The shell and the foam are a whole without gaps, while the non-integrated helmet is the molded EPS foam and foam. The PVC shell is hand glued together, and a clear gap can be seen between the shell and the foam. On a certain treasure, merchants like to call non-integrated molding "imitation one", which looks particularly witty~

Obviously a one-piece helmet costs more and has a higher overall strength. If you have a budget, I suggest to pass the non-integrated helmet directly and choose the one-piece helmet.

3) Security certification

At present, there are two international bicycle helmet safety certification standards, one is CPSC in the United States, and the other is CE EN 1078 in the European Union. If you want to export helmets to the United States, CPSC certification cannot be run. Most of them are CE certified when exporting to the EU or other countries (individual countries have their own separate safety certifications, such as Australia and New Zealand are AS/NZS standards). One of the core test indicators of helmets is impact resistance. So if you want to buy a helmet online, straight to the point, ask the customer service if this model has been certified by the United States or the European Union. If so, buy it with confidence! (In fact, domestic brands are unlikely to buy CPSC-certified helmet models. In order to pass the American Standard certification, export companies usually need to increase the EPS density and thickness of the models that have passed the CE certification, and create a new American version, or else no test ~~)

If there are none of the above two, at least there is a national standard.

Why do you have to wear a helmet when riding a bike?

Because the helmet's protection principle for the head is that when the head is hit by an external impact, the helmet will help you block most of the impact energy first, and protect your head by sacrificing itself, or damage the brain. Greatly reduced.

So the helmet is such a thing that you think is redundant and troublesome, but can save your life at a critical moment!

It is also important to choose a reliable helmet! ! Don't be greedy and just buy a helmet that you don't know has safety certification for dozens of dollars and wear it. That's irresponsible to you.

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