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What is the difference between shower gel, shower gel, bath salt, and bath oil?

The four products of bath oil, bath milk, bath gel, and bath salt, you must be foolishly confused just by looking at the names. What is this for?

I don't know anything about it except that it has something to do with bathing. Nowadays, there are various products related to bathing. Many people are particularly troubled by this. How should these things be used?

Shower Gel

Among these four products, body wash should be the most familiar to everyone. It has great cleansing and degreasing abilities and contains some substances that are good for the skin. The rich lather and rich fragrance nourishes the skin, leaving it smoother and moisturized. There are also shower gels that reduce the cleansing power and increase the moisturizing agent, which acts as a moisturizing and hydrating effect. Become a skin care product for skin care. Therefore, the effect of shower gel is more comprehensive, so many people are used to bathing with shower gel.

bath oil

Shower oil is an oily substance from its name, and its usage is the same as shower gel. It's just that the cleaning ability of the bath oil is not very good, and the foam is relatively small. And its role is mainly reflected in adding oil to dry skin. Therefore, the audience of bath oil is relatively single, and not everyone is suitable for use. However, there is also a very unique use of bath oil, that is, when bathing in the sun, you can apply bath oil, which can play a role in sun protection and UV protection.

Body Wash

The real name of the shower gel should be called body lotion, which is applied to the body after bathing. I don't know why, but now many people like to call body lotion body lotion, so it's easy to confuse it with body lotion. Shower gel is a cosmetic cosmetic, which has the effect of hydrating, whitening and moisturizing the whole body. It does not have the cleansing function of shower gel, but is used in combination with shower gel to play a role in skin care.

bath salt

Bath salts are rarely seen at home, but are most common in many bathing and sauna places. In terms of ingredients and efficacy, bath salt has more natural sea salt and natural minerals than shower gel, which can exfoliate, soften skin, and remove melanin. In terms of cleaning ability, bath salt is not inferior to shower gel, and has good decontamination ability. But the biggest drawback of bath salt is that it is very irritating to the skin, especially when there is a wound, the irritation is guaranteed to be particularly sour.

In daily life, people use all kinds of bath products when taking a bath, because generally if you take a bath with clean water, it is not easy to clean, and because of the weather changes, the skin is easy to dry, so use a variety of bathing in an appropriate amount. Supplies can keep the skin moist. There are many kinds of bath products on the market. Some bath products are not used in the same way as the conventional ones. For example, bath oil, how to use bath oil? What is the correct way to use bath oil?

Bath oil and shower gel are still different in essence, and the methods of use are also different. There are many ways to use bath oil. The specific and correct methods of use are as follows: 1. Mix the shower gel together and add 2-3 drops of bathing. Add oil to the shower gel, mix well, then wet and lather, rub evenly on the body, leave it for a while, and then wash off. 2. Use the bath oil as essential oil. After bathing, mix the bath oil with warm water evenly. Wet the towel in the mixed water and wring it dry. Wipe the body and hair. Let the diluted bath oil be used as essential oil, which can relax the body. effect. 3. Use bath oil instead of shower gel. Drop the bath oil on the bath tools and massage the body. The effect of this is more moisturizing than the shower gel. 4. The bath oil is used as a fragrance and can be dripped on the non-slip mat in the bathroom. With the evaporation of water and moisture in the bathroom, it can also moisturize the body.

Although bath oil has so many benefits, be careful not to drip it on the ground during use, because bath oil is oily, and dripping on the ground can easily cause the floor to be slippery and fall over.

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