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Are you full of the winding skills of badminton racket glue?

Badminton racket glue, also known as handle leather or sweatband, is mainly used for non-slip and sweat absorption. And it also has a good protective effect on the hands, and at the same time, it is necessary to be diligent in replacement.

For badminton enthusiasts, badminton racket glue is definitely not an unfamiliar piece of equipment. Whether it is for slip resistance or hand feel, learning the hand glue is a must-have skill.

What is the use of badminton racket glue

1. The hand glue is rolled on the badminton racket handle. In order to prevent slippage and increase the friction between the hand and the racket handle, there are two kinds of hand glue, one is the hand glue, and the other is the towel belt. It can absorb sweat, and if your hands sweat a lot, you can absorb it.

2. The hand glue can protect the handle.

3. The hand glue is soft, which can increase the comfort, especially when the force is exerted, the racket with the hand glue has a strong sense of control, plays a certain afterburner effect, and the hitting point is more accurate.

How to choose badminton racket glue

How to choose badminton hand glue, I think it mainly depends on personal needs. If your hands are more prone to sweating, it is recommended to choose towel glue, but after towel glue is used, the thickness of the handle will increase. If your hands are small, it is not recommended to use . Or you can choose a badminton racket with a thin handle and use towel glue.

Most people use keel glue or a thin hand glue.

How often should badminton racket glue be changed?

In summer, you sweat a lot, and the replacement cycle of the sweatband is shorter. It is recommended that you wrap it with toilet paper after each game, and then put it in a ventilated position, which not only saves the sweatband, but also effectively protects the bottom glue and handle.

Hand glue is an important role in many racket accessories. It is in direct contact with athletes. Its texture, performance and winding elasticity directly affect athletes' performance. First of all, let's figure out the purpose of the hand wrap. The most important thing is non-slip, sweat absorption, cushioning, shock absorption, followed by beauty and personality.

People want to ask for everything, and the same goes for hand glue. To prevent the hand glue from slipping, first of all, the hand glue itself should not be loose, that is, it should be fixed, so the wrapping method is very important. Some people are afraid that the hand glue will be damaged, and they have not dared to use force when wrapping it, resulting in the effect of wrapping the hand glue like putting a sack on it. But too much force will not work, the hand glue will be pulled and deformed too much, which will affect the life and feel of the hand glue. When wrapping the glue, keep the appropriate strength, and finally let the hand glue stick to each plane of the handle.

People need to find the right direction, so does hand glue. It is an important question to discuss whether to wrap clockwise or counterclockwise when shooting with the right hand, but many people do not know this. The answer is that when looking directly at the bottom cover, the direction of the hand glue is best to be counterclockwise, because the moment when the badminton racket hits the ball with the greatest force comes from the violent internal rotation. In order to "hold you", the best anti-skid and shock absorption performance will be exerted, and it will not become looser with more use. Conversely, if you wrap it in a clockwise direction, in the process of exerting force, the hand glue will not be able to "hold you up", so the more you use it, the more you will be pushed loose by the palm of your hand.

In this regard, many people are in the stage of "don't know they don't know", but fortunately many people can do it well without knowing it. The reason is that, first of all, it is necessary to correctly identify the front of the hand glue. This is not difficult, because the front of the hand glue is usually covered with a protective film, or marked with a brand logo. In addition, under normal circumstances, you will start winding from the pointed side, using the bevel that was cut for you in advance, you will naturally wind up this counterclockwise effect, and finally form the correct habit. Or you could start with the flat end of the glue, but have the glue logo upside down, which is also correct.

2022 badminton racket hand glue recommendation. How to choose and wrap badminton racket glue

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badminton racket glue

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