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Which brand of baby moisturizer is good? Recommended baby moisturizer list

As for baby skin care products, those with babies at home will definitely not be unfamiliar. Many mothers start to stock up during pregnancy. What kind of butt care creams, body lotions, face creams, and shower gels are all available and expensive. Is it necessary for infants and young children? Buy skin care products?

Many people may say that I didn't use anything when I was a child, I haven't grown up yet, or why can't the prickly heat powder I used as a child be used now? The society is developing and everything is progressing, and the living standard is improving. It is also necessary for the baby's skin to receive reasonable care.

Newborns have delicate skin. If they are not protected, they are prone to eczema, dry peeling, frostbite, allergies and other conditions. The baby is uncomfortable and parents will be more anxious.

1. Baby skin is more likely to absorb harmful substances and cause allergies, so be sure to use special skin care products for infants and young children;

2. The skin of babies is very thin, only 1/10 of the thickness of adult skin. The collagen fibers in the dermis are few and lack elasticity, which is not only easy to be penetrated by foreign objects, but also easily damaged by friction, so apply an appropriate amount of skin care after bathing. product, apply talcum powder to the folds in summer;

3. The skin barrier of infants and young children is relatively weak, and the autoimmune system is not yet perfect, so they are more prone to allergies or inflammations, and skin lesions such as erythema, rash, papules, blisters, and even peeling often appear, so choose skin care products. Contains irritating ingredients, soap ingredients, neutral PH value, and do not over-clean.

4. The stratum corneum of the skin of infants and young children has not yet matured, and the dermis and fibrous tissue are relatively thin, so special attention should be paid to moisturizing in autumn and winter.

5. The lacrimal glands of infants and young children are not fully developed. When purchasing shower gels, shampoos and other products, you must choose a tear-free formula.

Newborn children have thin skin and are prone to a series of skin problems, such as red apples, red blood, eczema, etc. They are prone to rashes in summer and dry and peeling in autumn and winter. You must take good care of your skin. What kind of skin care products are good for babies? Which brand of baby skin care products is safer? Five baby skin care products recommendations and detailed introduction.

Yumeijing Children's Cream

Pink (Yu Meijing Gold Children's Cream), classic, mainly care; orange (Yu Meijing Advanced Children's Cream), mainly nourishing; purple (Yu Meijing Children's Delicate Moisturizer), mainly tender; blue (Yu Meijing Children's Moisturizing Cream), mainly Moisturizing.

1. Yu Meijing Gold Gold Children's Cream (pink)

The classic model, specially designed for baby's delicate skin, cares for the skin, the texture is moist and does not feel greasy, maintains the skin's moisture balance, regular use, makes the skin moist, smooth, comfortable and healthy.

2. Yumeijing Advanced Children's Cream (Orange)

Fresh milk formula, mild texture, moisturizing nutrition, smooth skin. Slightly greasy on the face.

3. Yu Meijing Children's Delicate Moisturizer (Purple)

Specially contains shea butter, preferably glycerin, olive oil, so that baby's skin is moisturised and soft.

4. Yumeijing Children's Moisturizing Cream (Blue)

Olive essence is moisturizing and moisturizing. Moisturizing, refreshing and not greasy.

Frog Prince Children's Moisturizer

It is specially developed for children, pure and mild; it contains natural olive oil essence, which doubles nourishment for children's skin and effectively maintains the elasticity and moisturization of the skin; specially adds glycerin with long-lasting moisturizing properties to keep the skin soft and prevent the skin from being dry and cold. Caused by chapped; long-term use, can effectively moisturize the baby's tender skin, make the baby's skin more supple and smooth.

camellia oil face cream

Sondak Baby Camellia Oil Cream is great for both babies and adults. Camellia oil contains more than 90% unsaturated fatty acids, 80-83% oleic acid, 7-13% linoleic acid, and is rich in protein and vitamins A, B, D, E, etc. So this cream can nourish the skin well, enhance the skin resistance, and protect the skin at any time.

Baby Elephant Family Protecting Moisturizer

Baby Elephant, a professional maternal and child care brand derived from Japan's cutting-edge technology, adheres to the spirit of ingenuity, condenses technology and natural forces, scientifically protects newborns, creates a one-stop nursing experience for mothers and infants, and makes a beautiful "elephant" companion.

BEIBEISHU Baby Moisturizer

This moisturizing product of Beibei Shu has a strong moisturizing effect, and the ingredients in it are also very natural. It is a fusion of ginseng extract, olive fruit oil, oat amino acids and vitamins, which can prevent the baby's skin from being dry and rough. and peeling, in order to improve the protection of the skin.

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