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What are the best techniques for SEO in B2,Stick to your product’s main topic,blog posts about topical SEO.perfect for companies with larger resources,Tabpear

What are the best techniques for SEO in B2B?

B2B search engine optimization is like B2C in the way that it rests on the same principles:

write for the human reader (i.e. your prospects)

optimize your technical SEO (e.g. load speed, above-the-fold content)

enhance your topical authority (i.e. pick core topics to dominate)

structure your internal linking strategy (e.g. pillar pages)

generate relevant backlinks (i.e. from sites in your same niche)

Topical SEO and topical authority are the future, and the present. Google and other search engines must perceive you as the absolute expert on a given subject matter. Now you have different ways to go about this:

Stick to your product’s main topic

Study your ideal prospects and see what other problems they may have and what topics do these relate to

The first strategy is great if your core topic is wide enough to keep you writing for years without the need to repeat and paraphrase yourself. It’s also great if your content marketing team is a one-man army.

The second strategy is perfect for companies with larger resources and it is a longer shot, too. If I sell coffee machines, I can talk about focusing and nootropics because my target audience may relate to these things. But I remind them on my website that I am mainly about coffee as a company.

The more topics you cover, the more front doors you have. Yet, having many front doors means spreading yourself thin and becoming a non-expert on five topics rather than an authority on one. This is called content depth.

Check out our blog at topicseed for more information and blog posts about topical SEO.

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