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What are the advantages and disadvantages of HUD head-up digital display?

The era of automotive HUD head-up displays has come, and the benefits of private car owners are here again. Now private cars must have a driving recorder, electronic dog warning, and ADAS driving assistance equipment. Everything is for safer driving. There is already a car on the market. The HUD head-up display smart device combines the driving recorder, the electronic dog warning, and the ADAS driving assistance functions into one, and realizes the all-in-one machine. Next, I will introduce to the car friends, what is the automobile HUD head-up display all-in-one device:

The HUD head-up display, also called the head-up display system, was the earliest flight aid instrument used in aircraft. It can map important flight data to the holographic half mirror, which improves the safe driving of the pilot and prevents the pilot from You need to lower your head to see the important information of the aircraft. Civil aviation aircraft and fighter jets are equipped with this flight aid. With the continuous transformation and upgrading of the technology of this product, it has now been applied to the car, we call it the car HUD head-up display.

Now our living standards are constantly improving, and private cars are becoming more and more popular. Safety accidents caused by driving also often occur, especially for new drivers, because they are not proficient in driving skills, often look down at the instrument data while driving, and are unfamiliar with the road. This situation is most likely to cause traffic accidents. In order to effectively reduce accidents caused by these operations, automotive HUD head-up display devices have emerged on the market. For drivers with cars, this is a necessary driving safety auxiliary device for driving, especially for novice drivers. .

The advantage is that the driver can see the information without having to bow his head, thus avoiding distracting attention from the road ahead. The driver does not need to adjust his eyes between observing the distant road and the nearby instrument, which can avoid eye fatigue.

The disadvantage is that there are too many products with a mix of several hundred dollars on the market. Of course, this is not really a HUD, and the product form is completely different. To talk about the shortcomings or hidden dangers of the real HUD, I am afraid that some products have too many entertainment functions, which violate the original intention of safe driving. It is more attentive to reserve the space for the feasible intelligent HUD function. It is recommended to choose HUD as long as it satisfies basic navigation, voice interaction, Bluetooth phone, WeChat background data analysis.

HUD is the abbreviation of Head Up Display. Head-up display refers to the use of optical technology to project some driving information such as vehicle speed, engine speed, steering instructions, fuel level, etc. directly in front of the driver. In fact, it can be seen without the driver looking up, so now some manufacturers call it For "head-up display". The reason for the name "head-up display" is that compared with traditional cars, the driver needs to lower his head to see the information displayed on the car's instrument. The height of some head-up displays can also be adjusted to suit the driver's perspective. It is said that this technology was introduced from fighter jets and is also a "military secrecy technology." The biggest advantage is that the driver can keep track of driving information at any time without turning his head or looking down at the instrument.

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