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Application of Block chain Technology to Global Desertification Environment Control

International media reported that the Global Fund for controlling Desertification, led by SHY, a benchmark enterprise of DUBAI, to provide special funds and resources for the global desert governance project. According to the foundation's official s announces that SHY Labs pioneered the block chain digital fund model, transforming investment funds into block chain digital assets. The issue of international certificate LOD will make full use of the traceability technology of block chain which cannot be tampered with, asymmetric encryption and guarantee of credit settlement, so as to form a comprehensive circulation complex in the field of comprehensive and credible desertification governance.

SHY carries out technical cooperation with advanced countries in desertification control in the world, Belgium, China and other countries respectively. Among them, it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhonghuanrunsha Liability Limited Company.The Sand improvement Sand Fusion Project has become SHY's first investment target in China. It has been funded by the Foundation and its research results have been extended to the world.

With the acceleration of global desertification, desertification control has become a major issue in many countries. The desertification area in the world amounts to 36 million square kilometers, resulting in a direct annual economic loss of more than 5.47 trillion. The LOD is expected to provide international consensus mechanisms, dissemination mechanisms, intelligence contracts and so on in areas such as desertification environmental governance, while involving more and more people from around the world to focus on desertification control and build a better planet.