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Is an all-in-one computer good? What are the advantages and disadvantages of an all-in-one computer?

The advantage of an all-in-one computer is its appearance design, which takes up less space than a desktop computer, mainly refers to the space occupied by the host computer, which can support screen operations. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to upgrade, and the heat dissipation is not good. Even the configuration of the very expensive all-in-one machine is relatively low, which is not suitable for playing games.

Occupying space and aesthetics are indeed the biggest selling points of the all-in-one machine

However, considering the design of compressing the host and the screen together, the processors used in most all-in-one computers are also desktop processors. Considering the heat dissipation, it will be a common problem. At the same time, the all-in-one computer cannot accommodate the discrete graphics card of the desktop computer. , so the graphics card of the all-in-one computer is a graphics card with a smaller size than the desktop computer, and instead of welding the independent graphics chip on the motherboard like a notebook, it is a pluggable small-sized independent graphics card that uses the MINI PCI-E interface. graphics card. The motherboard is also not a desktop motherboard.

Therefore, it can be concluded that its hardware specifications are lower than desktop computers, but the cost is higher, non-universal hardware specifications make it difficult to upgrade, and it is not easy to buy upgradeable hardware in the electronic market. On the upgrade of memory and hard disk.

In terms of use, although the operation of the touch screen is supported, the operation of the touch screen is different from that of playing with a mobile phone. Therefore, the operation of the touch screen during typing and use will seriously reduce the efficiency for users who are skilled in using the keyboard and mouse. And configuring a wireless mouse and keyboard would make the touch screen useless, at least for home users.

All-in-one desktop advantages:

Simple and wireless: The most concise and optimized line connection method, only one power cord is needed to complete all connections and the computer will automatically shut down. Reduced speaker cable, camera cable, video cable, network cable, keyboard cable, mouse cable, etc.

Space saving: Slimer than traditional split desktops, the Lenovo All-in-One Desktop can save up to 70% of desktop space.

Value-for-money integration: It has more functional components at the same price, including cameras, wireless network cables, speakers, Bluetooth, and headsets.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The all-in-one desktop is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the power consumption is only 1/3 of the traditional split desktop (the split desktop consumes 1 kWh of electricity for 2 hours, and the integrated desktop consumes only 1 kWh of electricity for 6 hours). Less electromagnetic radiation.

Trendy Appearance: The simple and stylish physical design of the integrated desktop is more in line with the modern people's purpose of saving space and beauty in the home.

Is an all-in-one computer good?

It is indeed easy to use, but because of space and heat dissipation, the configuration is not too high, and it can meet general applications. The most important thing about an all-in-one machine is heat dissipation. It's best not to buy one with good performance, because the heat will be relatively large! Lenovo's all-in-one machine is generally more cost-effective than Apple's all-in-one machine. Check out the iMac!

If you are a game enthusiast or game madman, it is not recommended to buy an all-in-one computer. After all, the performance gap is not small compared with the desktop computer of the same price; if you have beautiful pictures, convenience, space saving, and a good after-sales service, you can Consider an all-in-one computer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an all-in-one computer?

Advantages and disadvantages of all-in-one computer

Hardware knowledge (the advantages and disadvantages of the all-in-one computer)

Is the computer all-in-one good or not (the advantages and disadvantages of the computer all-in-one)

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