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JLED Company Limited成立于2009年3月31日,是一家生产现代产品和提供现代服务的公司,由中国(三思)科技有限公司(Sansi)生产,我们生产各种风格的产品。 LED,例如视频和文本显示系统 智能交通系统和半导体照明产品,JLED有限公司生产的产品可通过在使用LED的同时提高光效率来帮助减少全球变暖,LED具有效率高,价格便宜的特点,可用于替代生活中使用的灯泡。例如室内,街道和办公室LED是固态光源,使用寿命长,性能好 为消费者创造一个良好的视野LED有助于减少全球变暖,并为消费者带来很好的成本。我们相信消费者可以在所有领域都很好地使用它们。我们的某些产品在普吉岛,清迈。

JLED Company Limited was established on March 31, 2009. It is a company that produces modern products and provides modern services. It is produced by China (Sansi) Technology Co., Ltd. (Sansi). We produce various styles of products. LEDs, such as video and text display systems, intelligent transportation systems, and semiconductor lighting products, products produced by JLED Co., Ltd. can help reduce global warming by using LEDs while improving light efficiency. LEDs are highly efficient and inexpensive, and are available To replace the light bulbs used in life. For example, indoor, street, and office LEDs are solid-state light sources, with a long service life and good performance. Creating a good field of view for consumers LEDs help reduce global warming and bring good cost to consumers. We believe that consumers can use them well in all areas. Some of our products are in Phuket, Chiang Mai.

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