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Google谷歌seo优化案例 A.YITE Group

ZHOU ENSI LTD as the branch of A.YITE Group, mainly produce Flow Switch, Flow Switches, Differential Pressure Switches, Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Level Meter, Flow Sensor, Adjustable Pressure Switch

Flow Switch, Flow Switches, Differential Pressure Switches, Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Level Meter

ZHOU ENSI LTD work as the branch of A.YITE Company, which is a big group in electric and chemical field, including 2 factory and 1 big laboratory for Electronic Products and Chemistry Products. AYT company start his business from 1973, have a long history, so Rich Experience to supply better products and service.

For Industrial Products, AYT group build a big laboratory to develop the products for Flow Control and Pressure Control. We could supply many kinds of products for HVAC, Industry, Environment Protect, including Flow Meter, Flow Switch, Level Guage, Depth Meter,pressure switch and Transmitter, differential pressure Flow Switch and Transmitter. We also could supply Automatic Filling Valve, Diaphragm Safety Valve, Automatic Exhaust Valve, etc.

In the Environmental Protect field, we design many type of water analyzer products, most of them is industry grade water online monitor, e.g. PH & OPR Analyzer, Conductivity Analyzer, Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer, Luminescent Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Meter, Acid Alkali Concentration Meter, Residual Chlorine Analyzer Monitor Meter, MLSS Suspended Solids Sludge Concentration Meter, Turbidity Monitor Meter, and some depth & level meter for sludge or water.

We have a long history from 1973, have build a completed manage systerm, we have get many manage certification, including ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007 and others. Because of high quality and better performance, we have got CE, CB, ROSH, GE, UL for our electronic products.

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