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谷歌seo优化案例 Light Stone

Light Stone is a new online brand focusing on Chinese cultural jewelry. It has gained popularity in West Europe in a short period. It targets on discovering beautiful Chinese jewelry and introducing them to the world. Most Light Stone’s jewelry is in vintage style and has cultural elements behind them. Silver, jade, chalcedony, enameling jewelry are the main types of products you can find on Light Stone’s website. The average price of Light Stone is around 40 USD.  The operation team spent significant effectors on product selection to make sure it fits their A(assurance) B(beauty) C(culture) principles. Light Stone offers free shipping service to most parts of the worlds.

谷歌优化开始时间:     2019年6月

谷歌优化前网站状态: 全新网站,0基础

项目状态:                  持续谷歌优化中

项目选择套餐:           数聚梨谷歌SEO优化3500元包月套餐

项目效果:                  询盘量不断提升,3个月的优化时间 alexa排名达到680K