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丝路纵横 Silk Road APP

Silk Road APP refers to the Internet Technology Platform created by the Xinjiang Science and Technology Productivity Promotion Center (Co., Ltd.) for interactive information service of intermediary service agencies and intermediary services in various fields nationwide.

Xinjiang Science and Technology Productivity Promotion Center (Co., Ltd.) introduced the concept of "intermediary intermediary" by using mobile APP. The registered intermediary users published demand through browsing and quickly matched the demand users and demand users to select the most suitable cooperator from the order list to carry out follow- To achieve platform integration of information services integration process.

Silk Road contact only intermediary service agencies and users need to publish, by the intermediary agencies to provide legal services to customers in need.

Industry: Mobile Apps

Country: China

Tools Used:

Ionic framework,Tomcat Cluster, Memcache, High-Performance Http Accelerator, Varnish LVS Load Banlancing Cluster,RabbitMQ Cluster, MQTT Cluster,Android App, IOS App, Android Studio, Xcode,Windows, Linux, Mac,HTML5.