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丽子美妆 Lizi Beauty

Lizi beauty (lizi.com) under the Hangzhou Xu Nora e-commerce Co., Ltd. is Hong Kong NALASHOP INVESTMENT CORP, the United States Venture Capital Jingwei Ventures and other joint venture set up to provide professional global beauty retail and services, is One of the largest retail retailers of Internet cosmetics.

Founded in 2009 by Mr. Liu Yongming, an overseas returnees, his goal and purpose is "to make the products reliable and the beauty more simple." Our professionalism is reflected in our deep understanding and careful selection of cosmetics products and brands as well as the delicate and harsh control over the links such as online shopping sales, product selection, design, warehousing and logistics, and customer care. It is this focus and expertise, let us become a can make customers trust, so that consumers love the beauty of Internet e-commerce.

At present, Rebecca Beauty Acting and sales of more than 300 well-known cosmetics brand at home and abroad, and well-known cosmetics companies and health products company established a deep relationship of cooperation, work together to provide good products and services. Due to a good user experience, the cumulative purchase of users has more than 500 million, is one of the fastest growing vertical e-commerce sites in China in recent years.

Li Zi is also a strategic partner of Air China's e-commerce, and PICC customers to do for each order online shopping genuine underwriting.

Industry: Mobile Apps

Country: China

Tools Used:

Tomcat Cluster, Memcache, High-Performance Http Accelerator, Varnish LVS Load Banlancing Cluster,RabbitMQ Cluster, MQTT Cluster,Android App, IOS App, Android Studio, Xcode,Windows, Linux, Mac,HTML5.