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西安市地税局电子征管档案管理系统 Xi'an Local Taxation Bureau electronic collection file management system

Electronic Collection File Management System was developed by Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology team ,commissioned by the Xi'an Local Taxation Bureau.

The system realizes the data collection, data statistics and analysis of Xi'an local tax and other businesses, and lays the foundation for the higher-level centralized integration of relevant tax collection data in the future.

Upon completion of the project, taxpayers will be allowed to go through the taxation business without leaving their home.

Collection departments will achieve the city office, paper archives stored in remote areas, the electronic file management and a combination of one-family management.

Assessment, inspection department will timely grasp of taxpayers latest tax data.

Regulatory authorities in a timely manner to monitor the operation of the business conditions of branches for the leadership of planning and decision-making to provide support.

Regulatory authorities will monitor the operation of the business conditions of branches in time and also provide support to make plan and decision for leaders.

Country: China