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Pros and cons of smart watches


It has rich functions, as a smart watch, such as call reminder, sleep function, exercise pedometer, information reminder function, heart rate monitoring function, calorie consumption, schedule management, alarm clock reminder, GPS positioning, temperature altitude, compass, etc. Most of them will basically be standard features of these smart watches.

To view information, as a smart watch, it is indeed usually equipped with a large screen, so that in addition to displaying the time, it can also display information such as weather and sports at the same time. It can be seen on the wrist, and the convenience is actually very good; in addition, the WeChat, SMS, phone and other information on our mobile phones can also be pushed to the smart watch in time, so that it can avoid us as much as possible from not looking at the mobile phone. And miss important information.

Health, now our living standards have actually improved a lot, and many of our friends have begun to pay attention to health preservation, so at this time, smart watches can indeed play a certain role. The key role is that, because at present, there are indeed many smart watches that have typing all-weather heart rate detection, sleep monitoring and other functions, so that they can use the monitoring data in the background to give us more reasonable health suggestions.

Compared with smart phones, the benefits of smart watches are more hidden. A smart watch does not guarantee that you will exercise more, nor can you guarantee that you can play less on your mobile phone, so why should we buy a smart watch? Because it can provide a choice to make life better, this choice may be enough to change our lives.

In the past year, the discussion about smart watches has gradually changed from "should you buy" to "which one should you buy". Are you still hesitating whether to try to buy a smart watch? Here are 5 reasons I think to buy a smart watch.

Not a slave to the cell phone

Whether it is Apple Watch, Android Wear or Pebble, they all provide a relatively complete notification viewing function. When the mobile phone receives a notification, you can look up the content of the notification on the smart watch by lifting your wrist. We can decide whether to immediately stop the work at hand and turn on the smart phone to process the notification based on the importance and urgency of the notification.

Stand up and move your legs away

In addition to viewing notifications, another important function of smart watches is to record exercise data. Although many smart phones already have exercise recording functions, since smart watches can be worn on the hand all the time, exercise data recording tends to be more accurate. In addition, many smart watches recently launched have added a heart rate sensor, and some smart watches have also added a GPS positioning function, which is comparable in function to many professional outdoor watches.

Smart watches such as Apple Watch can remind users to stand up and move around after sitting for too long. At the same time, many smart watches can customize fitness plans according to the information provided by users, and cooperate with the data collected by multiple sensors on the watch. Can play a certain guiding role in sports and fitness.

Extend phone battery life

Smart watches can transfer many functions such as watching time, moving steps, checking notifications, etc. from the mobile phone to the watch, which can reduce the time we use the smartphone, and theoretically reduce the power consumption of the smartphone. Of course, the price is the need to charge the smartwatch frequently.

After I use the Apple Watch, I can clearly feel that the iPhone’s battery is more "durable" because I don’t need to use the iPhone as often as before. Nowadays, the batteries of smart watches and smart phones are relatively ordinary, but compared with many smart phones that are dead after less than a day of heavy use, the battery life of smart watches is better. Charging the smart watch every night is a very troublesome thing, but fortunately, it can prevent your smart watch from running out before the end of the next day's work.


   battery life, this shortcoming should have long been recognized by everyone, right? Indeed, the most complaint about smart watches is the shortcoming of poor battery life. As a watch that needs to be recharged every day, its convenience here will indeed still have a big gap with traditional models of watches, electronic watches, etc.

Price. Currently, the price of smart watches from brands on the market is generally not cheap. For example, one Apple Watch costs two to three thousand. Even if you don’t mention Apple, Huawei watch, OPPOwatch, etc., most of their prices are around one to two thousand. For the price of a smart watch, we are indeed able to buy a very good mid-range phone at present, so it is said that consumers should spend so much money to buy a smart phone accessory, which is in many cases. People seem to be a bit superfluous indeed.

It’s not just a need. The main reason why smartphones are inseparable from us is that they have powerful functions. However, at present, smart watches are indeed not a device that we can’t live without, although it may be cool. Its appearance, but many of its functions will indeed depend on mobile phones to be able to achieve. Therefore, for many rational consumers, such a device is indeed still not mature at present, and it is not worth spending. For such a big price to make a purchase...

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