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The difference between pajamas and home clothes

The two seem to be the same, but as an exquisite woman, you should understand the inevitable difference between home clothes and pajamas. The relationship between them is quite subtle and should not be confused.

What is pajamas

Pajamas have long become a symbol of the Western lifestyle. Speaking of the origin of this word, you may be surprised, because something so "foreign" is actually an authentic foreign word.

The original word paejama comes from Hindi, which is a combination of the two words pai and jamah in Persian. Pai means "legs" in Persian, and jamah means "clothes". As the name suggests, pajamas is the clothing for the legs-pants. This is a kind of loose trousers worn by the Middle East and Indians when going out, but the ingenuity of European colonists gave it a new function-pajama pants.

What is home service

Home wear: refers to a type of clothing worn at home for rest or housework and meeting guests. Features: Comfortable fabric, various styles, and easy to move. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are now slowly focusing on how to better enjoy life. Homewear reflects a particular attitude towards life.

Homewear evolved from pajamas, but blue is better than blue. Today's homewear has long since got rid of the concept of pure pajamas and covers a wider range. Since the Europeans put on their nightgowns in the 16th century, the nightgowns have changed their image constantly with the changes of the times. In the last century, the social atmosphere has become relaxed and active, and bedroom dressing has also evolved to new styles, and fundamental changes have taken place.


It is for external wear, not only needs to choose the thickness according to the season, but also looks good, so that it is convenient to meet guests at home;


As the name suggests, it is worn when sleeping, relaxing and comfortable first, focusing on fabrics and lightness.

Home clothes will inevitably get dirty, wearing to sleep affects health

You usually wear home clothes for cleaning, cooking and eating, and your clothes will inevitably be contaminated with dust, oily smoke, bacteria, etc. At this time, wearing them to sleep at night will not only affect your sleep, but also be harmful to your health;

The home clothes in winter are thicker, so you don’t breathe when you wear them to sleep.

Wearing thick home clothes for sleeping in winter at night will not only increase the friction on the skin, and cause us to be uncomfortable. In the case of airtightness, the skin can also easily become acne.

Difference one:

Homewear is produced due to the needs of family culture, including traditional pajamas and robes worn in the bedroom, sexy suspender skirts, including homewear that can now be seen in the hall, and workwear that can be entered in the kitchen, and can be taken out of the house. Casual wear for walks in the community, etc.

Difference 2:

Pajamas are mainly for clothes worn while sleeping, and pay more attention to the fabric and lightness of the clothing. The style is relatively simple and generous, suitable for sleeping.

Difference three:

Home furnishings, you can go out temporarily to get milk, newspapers, etc. It has popular styles and colors. It is more beautiful to wear at home, and it is more convenient to meet guests at home.

Difference four:

Home wear can be pajamas, but pajamas are not necessarily home wear. In fact, pajamas are worn while sleeping in principle, while home wear can be worn at home while sleeping. Some people even go out in home wear, but no one wears pajamas. Go out.

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