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The difference and connection between Baidu and Google seo

After reading a lot of Baidu seo tutorials, I found that one of the most popular topics is to explain the differences and connections between Baidu and Google in SEO. Of course, there are both general and plausible answers from the SEOers. For example: "Baidu and Google SEO basically have no difference. As long as you focus on the content, make links, and improve the user experience, then the ranking will naturally go up." However, others will continue to ask: "Why is my website ranked very well in Google and poorly ranked in Baidu?" "Why is the content of Baidu and Google search results different from 80% or more?" These are plenty of such cases. When you want to change from one search engine to another , you will be frequently asked with such questions. As a professional SEOer, what should we answer?

In fact, these questions are not hard to answer. As long as we can analyze and contrast the ranked content of Baidu and Google on the search page, we will get our answers. Here, I will share my thoughts about differences and connections on Baidu and Google:

1. Strategy for new websites

Regarding the new websites, Baidu and Google have their own review criteria. Google has the Google sandbox, Baidu also has its review period. The length of review period of Google and Baidu is similar, which continues  from 3 months to 6 months.

The difference is that after the review period, Google's keyword ranking criteria is more focuing on the quality of the page and the recommendation of external links. It will not affect the ranking of your pages if your site is new. However, Baidu will still consider the all site ranking and quality, so it becomes difficult for a new website to obtain ranking of hot keywords from Baidu. More often, after being republished by the older websites which has high rankings, the ranking and traffic will be robbed by them. For Google, it is highly probable that a new webiste can get hot keywords rankings.

Therefore, we suggest thoes friends who has just set a new website, do not only to focus on your website indexing of Baidu. During this time, don't rush to find results, do a good job in the structure of the website, make useful content, do keyword research, step by step, and perform better during the reviewing period of Baidu. Search engines will see your efforts, after a certain period of time, after the review period, your website content will be released.

Although it is difficult for Baidu to get hot keywords rankings, we can start with long tail keywords. We can collect some hot spots, and then compose a professional blog post around the hot spots with more long tail keywords. This way the rankings and traffic will be easier to obtain.

2. Original Recognition Rules

In China reprinting and plagiarism online is quite common, in this situation it is quite important to have the ability to identify original content from dublicated content for search engines. Baidu is not doing a good job at this point. I took one example from my experience. I regularly update some SEO blog posts and submit them to some well-known websites, but once the articles were accepted and republished by the websites, the ranking of my original articles  disappeared in Baidu. Instead, some well-known websites and even the content from some websites which mainly collects other's content may rank ahead of me. This situation also makes me confused about the role of original content for Baidu SEO. 

In Baidu, some of the original articles which were repulished on the well-known websites can not be ranked even in the first three pages, and the content displayed on the first page are some duplicated, collection of pseudo-original content, no user experience at all! Generally Baidu pays more attention to "where the content appears", while Google pays more attention to "where the content comes from", which is the essential difference.

Therefore, for Baidu SEOers we suggest that bloggers should not rush to submit the content to other well-known websites. It is better to put it on their own website for a few days first, let Baidu index it and publicize it to other places. In another way, you can embed the link address of your own website into the content, even if it is maliciously collected by other content collectors, the link will be automatically transfered to the content on other websites, which can help Baidu to judge the original ownership of the content.

3. Content update strategy

Baidu seems to pay more attention to content updates than Google. A website or page with regular updates is very friendly to Baidu. We have served several enterprise customers. We set up some keywords to their website and update some original related content , then keyword rankings and traffic quickly went up, while with such updates Google ranking did not change.

You can also search for some popular keywords in the unpopular fields, and look at the top ten website similarities and differences in search results in Google and Baidu. You will find out that the content of the top ten websites in Google is hardly updated, and if you go to Baidu search results, the websites ranking best must have massive content updates. So we can give a conclusion that Baidu gives much higher weight to fresh content than Google.

4. Pages indexing strategy

Obviously the indexing period of Google is definitely much faster than Baidu. Even though if you only put very few external links online, Google can also climb to your link along the links and index your website.

Baidu is different, it will not index the new websites at all, and this can even lasts for a very long time. Only after the new website has passed the evaluation period, Baidu begins to index your website, and this evaluation period is quite difficult for many webmasters. The length of evaluation period is sometimes unpredictable. Some websites can only be indexed in one or two months. Some websites can be indexed in two or three days. Usually it is said that websites which has high-quality content is faster indexed by search engine and websites with poor content or quality will be indexed slower. But as far as I know some illegal websites with poor quality can be indexed quickly too. This makes people feel unpredictable.

Google indexes pages very fast and saves a lot of indexed pages. However, Google also has review and screening mechanism too. At beginning, when new websites have been indexed, and there were many pages have been indexed by google, but after some time, the quantity of indexed pages were decreased. Baidu generally begins to index your website content after reviewing your website content. It usually costs more time for Baidu to index your new website content. There is high possibility that the Baidu spider has crawled your webpage at very beginning, but only after a longer reviewing period, it may release it to search results.

Therefore, you can not guarantee to well optimize a new website within 2-3 month time with Baidu ranking, and it is more likely that Baidu needs 2-3 months to evaluate the website. Generally for marketers, we need to know Baidu SEO needs at least 6 months time to see the posibility ranking performance.

To Be Continued.....

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