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YourMechanic 国外汽车维修工平台,汽车维修费用降低30%到50% 国外互联网it项目 国外有趣的app


Imagine when you have a car problem, a top rated mechanic comes to your home or office, fixes your car, and it costs you 30-50% less than shops and dealers. Sounds crazy, right? We are making that happen. We are disrupting the car repair market by creating a marketplace for top mechanics (peer to peer disruption of a large antiquated market). 

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At YourMechanic, we have a vision that car repair should be as easy as buying a book on Amazon. We believe that life is too short to spend at the waiting room of an auto shop. We believe that people deserve a car repair experience that is hassle-free and totally transparent. At YourMechanic, we are making this happen. With a few clicks on our App or website, a highly trained mechanic comes to your home or office to fix your car. Welcome to Car Repair 2.0!


想象一下当你有汽车问题的时候,一个顶尖的机械师来到你的家里或办公室,修理你的车,而且比商店和经销商减少30-50%的费用。 听起来很疯狂,对吧? 我们正在使它发生。 我们正在通过创建一个顶尖机修工平台(同行中断大型过时的市场)来革新汽车修理市场。



在YourMechanic,我们有一个愿景,汽车修理应该像在Amazon亚马逊上购买一本书一样简单。 我们相信,生活太短,无法在汽车店的候车室度过。 我们相信,人们应该享有无障碍,完全透明的汽车修理体验。 在YourMechanic,我们正在使这种事情发生。 在我们的应用程序或网站上点击几下,一位训练有素的技工来到你的家里或办公室修理你的车。 欢迎来到汽车维修2.0!

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