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Which one is better, spring mattress, latex mattress, or memory foam?

If a person can live to 80 years old, the time he spends in bed is about 26 years.

From this point of view, the bed is undoubtedly one of the most important places in the home.

It is not the bed frame that determines the comfort of the bed, but the mattress. But choosing a mattress is really a science!

A good mattress will make us feel like sleeping in the clouds.

Which spring mattress, latex mattress, or memory foam is comfortable, which is good for the lumbar spine, which is environmentally friendly... If you want to sleep well, did you choose the right one?

In order of importance, a good mattress mainly has the following criteria: support, fit, breathability, and anti-interference.

1. Supporting: refers to the state of the spine when we sleep on the bed. Ideally, the spine when sleeping is the same as the spine when standing, showing a natural S-shape.

2. Fitness means that a good mattress brings a sense of wrapping and makes the body feel more comfortable.

3. The air permeability is determined by the material of the mattress. A mattress with poor air permeability will become hotter and hotter the more you sleep, and the skin cannot breathe, which can easily cause various skin diseases.

4. Anti-interference. If the whole bed vibrates when you turn over and affects the sleep of the other half, the anti-interference will be poor; if you turn over, there will be no movement except where you sleep, and the anti-interference will be strong.

Spring mattress

There are two types of spring mattresses: whole mesh springs and independent pocket springs, which are explained separately below.

Whole net spring

Advantages: cheap, spring mattresses under 1,000 yuan are all connected springs, with good elasticity and strong support.

Disadvantages: The fit is average, the anti-interference is poor, and the body feels relatively hard. When you lie down, the entire bed is moving, and sleep is easily affected by people around you.

Independent pocket spring

Pocketed springs are formed by applying pressure to each individual spring, filling it into a fiber bag or cotton bag, and then connecting them in a specific arrangement. The so-called three-zone, five-zone, seven-zone and even nine-zone support mattresses rely on independent pocket spring technology.

Advantages: a single independent support, the whole body adheres to the curve of the human body, effectively supports various parts of the body, disperses the pressure; and has strong anti-interference, does not affect the other half's sleep when turning over; someone has done an experiment and put a glass of water on one side of the mattress. Going to bed from the other side, the water glass didn't fall.

Disadvantages: The mattress is often compressed in a certain place, causing partial loss of elasticity, and the price is relatively high.

The spring mentioned here refers to the support layer. In addition to the support layer, the spring mattress also needs to consider the filling layer and the surface layer.

Filling layer: At present, the materials used for the filling layer of spring mattresses include sponge, latex, memory foam and other materials. The hardness of the mattress is determined by the support layer and the comfort layer.

Surface layer: In fact, it is the fabric layer, which is also where businesses do more gimmicks. What soy fiber, aviation fabric, negative ion; can be used for beauty, can eliminate mites... These are not the core of choosing a mattress at all, as long as the surface fabric is clean, comfortable and safe.

Latex mattress

Latex is undoubtedly one of the most popular mattress materials and one of the biggest highlights of many home furnishing brands. Regardless of any considerations such as softness, elasticity, breathability, insect and mite resistance, latex mattresses are an excellent choice.

The raw materials of latex mattresses are divided into two types: natural latex and synthetic latex.

Natural latex

Natural latex itself exudes a light milky fragrance, and the small holes on the surface are the natural result of the latex production process. It is filled with air, so it has excellent elasticity.

Advantages: Natural latex comes from rubber trees with a certain age, which is green and environmentally friendly, with strong support and good fit.

Disadvantages: expensive and delicate, do not wash or expose to the sun. Even if it is properly protected, it will be oxidized after three to five years. Moreover, some people are allergic to latex, which is not suitable for the elderly and young people who need a harder mattress.

Synthetic latex

Synthetic latex is made from the PU and PE components in petroleum. It is a chemical product. Its performance is similar to that of natural latex, but its environmental protection is poor and the quality is uneven.

Advantages: slightly better durability, better fit, and relatively cheap price.

Disadvantages: poor environmental protection, average air permeability, and uneven quality.

Note: To distinguish the quality of a latex mattress is not the thickness of the latex pad, but the purity of the latex and the foaming process of the latex. The pure physical foaming process is much better than that with chemical additives.

There are very few pure latex mattresses in the domestic market (that is, a whole mattress is made of latex), and they are generally in the form of latex + spring.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is also called "slow rebound sponge", which is a kind of sponge. It is added with many other special substances on the basis of sponge, which is expensive.

Memory foam has special viscoelastic properties, and has strong impact energy absorption and pressure relief performance. Used on a mattress, it can naturally fit the body curve, allowing the body to rest in a natural and stress-free state.

Advantages: One of the materials with the highest degree of fit, which can give the human body a comfortable and proper touch.

Disadvantages: Poor air permeability, because it is very dense, it is prone to overheating during sleep. Moreover, the memory foam is very sensitive to temperature and becomes soft when exposed to heat, which means that the hotter it sinks, the deeper it sinks, and the deeper it gets, the hotter it gets.

Mattress maintenance method

In fact, as one of our most frequently used household items, mattresses also have a service life. The relevant authority pointed out that the service life of the mattress is 10 years, but the mattress is a long-term product. It is recommended to replace it in 5-7 years. once. In order to keep the feeling of sleeping in the clouds, how do we maintain it:

1. Turn over regularly. During the first year of purchase of a new mattress, the front and back, left and right or corners of the new mattress should be rotated every 2 to 3 months to make the spring of the mattress evenly stressed. After that, it can be turned about once every six months.

2. Keep it clean. It is necessary to improve the hygiene of bedding, dry mattresses and mattresses frequently, and clean the mattresses with a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. If the mattress is stained, you can use toilet paper or cloth to absorb the moisture. Do not wash it with water or detergent.

3. Don't sit on the edge of the bed often. Because the four corners of the mattress are the most fragile, sitting and lying on the edge of the bed for a long time can easily damage the edge protection springs.

4. Don't jump on the bed. Jumping on the bed will cause excessive stress on the single point of the mattress and cause damage to the spring.

5. Do not tighten the sheets and mattresses. Some mattresses have air vents around the edges. Do not tighten the sheets and mattresses when using, so as not to block the air vents and cause the air in the mattress to be unable to circulate and breed germs.

6. Anti-friction at the contact with the bed frame. For spring mattresses, pay attention to placing a cotton felt or bedding on the contact area with the bed frame to reduce friction and prolong life.

7. Remove the plastic packaging. When using, remove the plastic packaging bag of the mattress to keep the mattress ventilated.

8. Use high-quality bed sheets that absorb sweat and are comfortable.

9. Avoid long-term exposure to the mattress to prevent the fabric from fading.

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