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What are the benefits of rowing machines!

Recently, many people have asked me, Oh, you have said so much about rowing machines, can you give me a brief and rude introduction, what are the advantages of rowing machines? I don’t even want to look at the useless ones. I just want to know what the rowing machine is better for. Now that there is a voice from the masses, I have been an Amway rowing machine for one hundred years, so let’s talk about it today!

lose weight

Many people expressed doubts about the ability of rowing to lose weight. They hugged their arms and said: Huh, a sitting exercise machine wants to lose weight. It's ridiculous! Ladies, this is true. The American College of Sports Medicine pointed out that if you want to achieve weight loss, you must row a boat for 60 to 90 minutes a day. And the longer you exercise, the more calories you burn, and the fat on your body will drop.

Foreign scholars pointed out that if your weight is 56kg, you can burn 510 calories per hour by rowing. The larger the weight base, the higher the calories you consume. In addition, you can also try high-intensity interval training, increasing resistance in a short period of time or fast rowing can achieve the effect of fast fat loss.

Of course, no matter what kind of exercise, you can't overdo it. The same goes for the rowing machine. When you have insomnia, joint pain or even slight heart discomfort, you should take a break, Lao Tie, because you have overtrained!

Exercise cardiopulmonary function

In fact, aerobic exercises such as swimming, cycling, and rowing can exercise cardiopulmonary function, strengthening the heart and lungs by increasing the heart rate and maintaining high-frequency heartbeats.

Although rowing machine is a good aerobic exercise, many people don't know how to increase and maintain heart rate. In fact, as long as you put your resistance to a relatively low level, and then start rowing for a long time with a high frequency of whirring, it doesn’t take long for you to make your little heart throb and throb, and you will enter the The state of oxygen. And the rowing machine will mobilize most of your body muscles during exercise, and it can also help increase your heart rate!

build muscle

The rowing machine will use 84% of your body muscles during exercise. This is something that all the old irons who play rowing machines know! Each cycle will use the legs, buttocks, in addition to the muscles of your upper body, to help you strengthen the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms. Through short-term high-explosive rowing, muscle endurance and explosive power can be exercised. The rowing machine is simply a versatile exercise machine!

Relieve stress. Many young girls say that they are afraid of the big guys in the gym and dare not go to the gym (girl, are you sure that it is not your excuse for yourself?) At this time, the rowing machine becomes your best choice. Buy one and keep it at home. While rowing the boat, you can read Korean dramas and see if Oppa is not a good choice.

In addition, when you feel constrained by pressure, babbling a few strokes and then screaming along with the rhythm of the rowing is also a good way to decompress. And exercise can stimulate the nerves in the brain, increase the secretion of amine polyphenols, help you release stress, and make you a little bit happy.

Rowing Machine (English: Rowing Machine) is also known as rowing machine, indoor rowing machine, rowing machine, rowing machine, rowing machine, dynamometer and other different names, but most of them are called "rowing machine" or "rowing machine".

Indoor rowing machines are equipment used to simulate water rowing for training or fitness purposes. Indoor rowing competitions have become a professional competition in Europe and America. The indoor rowing machine is also commonly referred to as a dynamometer, which measures the power consumed by the athlete during exercise. Early rowing machines were mostly used for athletes' training. The representative brand was Concept 2. However, due to the volume and sound of the action (wind resistance), it was not easy to popularize in general households.

Because the rowing function can exercise nearly 90% of the muscles of the whole body and strengthen the core muscles without hurting the joints, it is a very good fitness equipment. Therefore, companies began to integrate the characteristics of logs and water resistance (the sound is more pleasing and more in line with the real rowing experience). For example, the material was changed to log instead of metal, and it was designed to be stored upright to reduce storage space. Therefore, this type of water-resistant rowing machine that only emits water noise and can be stored upright in a home environment has become a popular choice for home fitness equipment. Representative brands are waterrower (the highest brand in Europe and America) and mobi (the highest brand in Asia).

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