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The loft bed is really space-saving, and the wall of the bed can be put on a shelf

In order to save space, I choose to install a loft bed like most families, so that the upper bunk sleeper is under the wardrobe. But the difference in my house is that I let the master sit on the attic bed, stick to the wall and make a circle of shelves, so I don't have to get out of bed to read. Not only the master praised my good ideas, but the neighbors who saw the finished product were also envious. The house was renovated and copied my house directly!

Common loft bed↓

The design of the loft bed can be said to be a popular choice for small apartment decoration, but have you noticed that the loft bed design we often see is the closet under the bed, and the space on the bed is full. Safety-conscious people will add a guardrail on both sides of the bed. What is simpler is like the following, the whole bed only has a bed board, and the savings cannot be saved.

Attic bed with a circle of racks

Let me show you my loft bed. Although there is enough storage space under the bed, the house is tens of thousands of square meters, which is even more expensive for a small apartment. Reasonable use of wall space can increase at least 5 square meters. Let the master add a circle of wooden shelves around the head of the bed and the side wall, which is equivalent to a bedside table for the loft bed. Put the items on it and you can reach it as soon as you reach out.

The wall is hit with a shelf, which means that the bedside is also equipped with a shelf. There will surely be people who are worried about whether this is unsafe? This master has already considered these three points when installing it, so it is specially reminded that the attic bed is attached to the wall and the shelf is rounded to pay special attention to these 3 points:

1. Move the mattress at the head of the bed 30 cm away to avoid the bottom shelf to meet

2. Don't hit the shelf to the top, and avoid the upper layer items from being unstable and hurting people. If the floor height of the home is relatively high, the height of the shelf should be installed appropriately and kept at a height of about 1 meter.

3. Although it is a shelf, it is installed on the bed after all, so don't put fragile and heavy objects on it.

Of course, in addition to sticking the loft bed to the wall and making a circle, these methods can still make the upper bunk storage.

Installing holes on the side walls is not only a storage wall, the holes can also be used as a wall panel, which is a good deal with two birds with one stone.

Or think that the loft bed is attached to the wall to make a circle of shelves. If the wall is too full, you can only install the shelf at the bedside.

The height of the bed in a bedroom loft is very particular, and the height of the loft door is above 1.2 meters. The specifics still depend on the actual situation of the individual. Sitting and lying down feel comfortable, and there will be no oppressive feeling in the space inside. Otherwise, it will become a "cage house", in addition to the lighting, ventilation, ventilation and other factors in the attic floor.

The furniture of the corresponding specifications is used in the attic, and the furniture placed should also be the furniture after measurement or specially customized according to the attic. A built-in wardrobe can be built next to the attic escalator, and the wardrobe can be placed in the wall. From the outside, the cabinet and the wall are on the same plane, which saves space and looks harmonious as a whole.

Loft bed with Murphy bed underneath

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