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The role and benefits of the dual-screen monitor stand

In real work, many people will configure their computers with dual monitors for the convenience of work, especially programmers and technicians such as video post-production. Dual monitors in their hands can improve their office efficiency, but placing two monitors on the desktop will inevitably be cluttered and uncluttered. Today, I would like to recommend a dual-screen display artifact—dual-screen display stand. I believe you have seen this kind of technologically full device in many movies, and it actually exists in your life.

The splicing of dual-screen computers has become a common combination method for Internet office today. Compared with a single display, it can present more content, thereby bringing higher work efficiency and better visual experience. I believe friends who have used it All know its benefits.


① It supports 315mm wide range lifting and has a special torque adjustment, which can control the intensity according to the user's habit to achieve high and low lifting and hovering freely.

② Support ﹢90°-20° tilt adjustment, let the screen cater to your line of sight, comfortably look flat.

③ It supports ±20° left and right rotation, which is convenient for sharing with others and broadens the communication area.

④ It supports 360° horizontal rotation to meet different work needs. It can be used for viewing data, typing codes, industrial design, video editing, and entertainment games.

⑤ Support the universal rotation of the support arm to explore more use space

Multiple combinations: horizontal screen splicing (video watching and entertainment), vertical screen splicing (financial stocks), top and bottom matching (advertising design), horizontal and vertical splicing (programming code)

Detailed description:

1. Anti-slip sleeve ring: tightened and reinforced, positioning is more accurate

2. Fix the top wire: make the branch and the base completely combine, and prevent the tube from rotating after installation

3. Conveyor slot design: easy to store messy cables and keep the environment clean and orderly

4. Mechanical spring: durable mechanical spring, long life, safe and secure

5: Anti-slip mat design: protect the desktop from damage

Installation method: clamp type, wall type, keyhole type. Simple operation, easy installation, time-saving and convenient.

What are the benefits of dual screens?

1. The display area is larger. The two screens can choose to "copy" or "extend" the content output by the host. When copying is selected, the two displays will display the same picture. When the extension is selected, the total display area is equivalent to doubling.

2. Higher work efficiency. For example, when processing Excel reports, one screen is used to open Excel in full screen, while the other screen can open related data and other tools, without frequent minimization procedures. Similarly, it is equally convenient to use in Photoshop.

Third, entertainment is more exciting. With dual screens, users can easily watch full HD videos on one screen without affecting QQ chat or web browsing on the other screen. Moreover, many games now support multi-screen display, such as racing and real-time strategy games, which bring a very cool entertainment experience.

After using the monitor stand, the two monitors were completely "suspended" in the air, instantly expanding the usable area of the desktop. Since each cantilever is left with 6 shafts, the display can be adjusted to almost all positions in the hemisphere with the cantilever length as the radius, and can be hovered at any height and at any angle-which makes the user almost The sitting posture can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it is very convenient to show the content on the monitor to others, and more importantly, it does achieve "watching a movie in the office in any posture" to a large extent.

The stand is equipped with a vertical screen rotation system, which allows the display to rotate 360 degrees on the display plane. The two displays can be configured in multiple combinations such as horizontal-horizontal, horizontal-vertical, vertical-vertical, etc. For programmers who program more and designers with special needs, this feature is very important.

In terms of design details, manufacturers have also made many considerations. There is space on one side of the cantilever of the bracket to accommodate various power and data cables connected to the display. This design greatly improves the cleanliness of the desktop and indirectly enlarges the usable area on the desktop. In addition, the tightness of each rotating shaft of the bracket can be adjusted by the screw on the rotating shaft. The most important thing here is to control the cantilever torque regulating valve-when the weight of the display used is large, the valve needs to be tightened so that it will not fall down; when the display is lighter, the valve needs to be loosened to ensure The display will not be bounced up by the cantilever-in short, the adjustable elastic design of this part allows the stand to adapt to a variety of displays of different weights, and greatly improves the applicability of the product.

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