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How to choose a computer desk that suits you

People's lives, work and study are increasingly dependent on computers, but computers must be operated at close range. Therefore, there are specific requirements for the height of the computer and the position of the keyboard and mouse. Most ordinary furniture does not meet the conditions. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle and choosing a suitable computer desk can make you relaxed and comfortable when operating, and the computer desk improves work efficiency.

So, how can we choose a good computer desk? Now let's go and feel it with the editor!

The computer desk is made of medium-density board wrapped with plastic soft edges on all four sides, assembled and fixed by screws. Medium-density board has the characteristics of moderate weight, fireproof, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, antistatic, and low price. It is very suitable for making computer desks.

A good computer desk can really improve your work and study efficiency; and if you use a not very good computer desk, the experience will really be poor.

I have encountered a computer desk of poor quality. The stability is very poor. If you move your hand on the desk a little, the entire desk will move with it. When you use it, you are always scared and afraid of this desk. It collapsed accidentally.

1. Storage type: with shelves, bookshelves, can store more items

Advantages: strong storage capacity, large desk space, with storage bookshelf, enough space under the desk.

2. Simple type: no shelf or bookshelf, large usable area on the desktop

Advantages: large desktop area, you can DIY your own computer, split screen and other operations, don't worry about not being able to put it down

3. Lifting type: height can be adjusted, usually without shelf or bookshelf

Advantages: adjustable height, how comfortable it is

4. Simple and environmentally friendly painted steel computer desk

Rotatable design, bright piano paint, black lines with large storage space, stainless steel bracket

5. Rotating European solid wood computer desk

The solid wood material is strong and durable, the table is stable, the style is novel and space-saving, and it is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell

When buying a computer desk, you should pay attention to the flatness of the board, no blistering or peeling of the paint, uniform color, no burrs on the edge joints, no plastic soft edges, no rolling, drawers and keyboard brackets smoothly sliding, and the entire computer desk body of the table is stable and does not shake . By the way, when you buy a computer desk home, it should be placed in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.

Sophisticated piano baking paint process, full paint surface, high brightness, super good hand feeling! The corners are finely polished and rounded.

The height of the table top should not exceed 70 cm. Due to the unreasonable design of computer desks, diseases such as low back pain, neck muscle fatigue or strain, tenosynovitis of hand muscles, and decreased vision are endangering those working with computers.

According to experts, whether it is the height of the desk, desk, or the height of the keyboard and mouse on the computer desk, it should be as high as or slightly lower than the elbow of a person in a sitting posture. And the top of the monitor should not be higher than the eye level of the sitting position, otherwise it will cause vision loss.

6. Computer desk home desktop

Designed in accordance with ergonomics, highly suitable, baking paint process, simple and generous color

It is named after the computer desk, the bookcase and even the wardrobe are integrated. Because it saves space and avoids inconsistent home styles, it is very popular among white-collar workers. At present, more university dormitories also use modular computer desks. The computer desk meets the corner needs, and is named after the unconventional square. This kind of computer desk makes full use of the corners of the home, and its stylish appearance attracts a large number of buyers.

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