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Aroma diffuser and the proportion of several essential oils

Why use a diffuser for essential oil aromatherapy? The principle of essential oil aromatherapy is to diffuse essential oil molecules into the air through various methods. Essential oil aromatherapy generally needs to be used with a diffuser. The role of the diffuser is to promote the diffusion of essential oil molecules into the air, so as to achieve a larger aromatherapy space. Good aromatherapy effect. In other words, essential oils can be scented without a diffuser, but the effect is not so good.

The commonly used diffusers for essential oils include ultrasonic aromatherapy lamps, candle aromatherapy burners, plug-in aromatherapy burners, aromatherapy lamps, and fiber (reeds, wood strips, etc.) aromatherapy bottles.

1. Ultrasonic aromatherapy lamp

Ultrasonic aromatherapy lamps use the high-frequency oscillation of ultrasonic waves to atomize liquid water containing water-soluble essential oils and then use a fan to blow out the mist. This type of diffuser is usually called aromatherapy lamps on the Internet. User sought after.

2. Candle aromatherapy burner

Candle aromatherapy burners are generally made of high temperature resistant ceramics. A sink is designed on the top to hold water and essential oils (both ordinary essential oils and water-soluble essential oils). The bottom is equipped with a candle burning chamber. The heat generated by the burning of the candle heats the water and essential oils. Make essential oils evaporate quickly. The concentration of aroma can be controlled by changing the ratio of water and essential oils, and candle light penetrates the ceramics to create a warm atmosphere. This relatively primitive method of aromatherapy is highly praised by aroma therapists.

3. Plug-in aromatherapy burner

Plug-in aromatherapy furnaces are generally made of high-temperature resistant ceramics. Higher-end aromatherapy furnaces will use a constant temperature humidifier, which can be dry-burned, and maintains a constant temperature, so that essential oils evaporate stable. Today, with a fast pace of life, this kind of fool-like product is very popular. Favored by young white-collar workers who are greedy for convenience.

4. Aromatherapy lamp

In fact, this is the real aromatherapy lamp. It uses the heat of the incandescent lamp to heat water and essential oils. At the same time, it uses light to outline the charming time. It is an artifact of atmosphere rendering. Generally, it has a dimmer that can freely adjust the brightness to control the temperature and essential oils. The volatilization speed has to admire the ingenious mind of the original designer.

5. Rattan aromatherapy bottle

This is the simplest and laziest design of the diffuser. It uses the capillary action of fibers such as rattan to suck out the essential oil in the bottle and evaporate freely in the air. This is generally used in the bathroom. It takes a long time. Add fragrance, but people will not stay in the space for a long time.

I have used all these types of aroma diffusers, each has its own advantages and disadvantages

If you need air humidification, you can choose ultrasonic aromatherapy lamps;

If you want to truly experience the fun of aromatherapy, it is recommended to use a candle aromatherapy burner;

If you are busy, plug-in aroma diffuser will be a good choice for you;

If you pay attention to the cost-effectiveness, the aromatherapy lamp is undoubtedly the best choice. It can be used as a lighting lamp, an atmosphere lamp, and a diffuser. The key is that its diffuser effect is very good;

As for the rattan aromatherapy bottle, I am not too cold. If you put it in the bedroom and the essential oils evaporate for a long time, I think it is very inappropriate to stay in such a room for a long time. The most suitable space I can think of is the toilet.

The formula of incense essential oil for living room

Recipe 1: 3 drops of pine essential oil + 4 drops of citron essential oil

Usage: Put the above plant essential oil in a spray bottle according to the ratio of 10 drops of oil to 10 ml of water, and spray it in the living room at any time.

Function: Invigorate the spirit and relieve fatigue.

Recipe 2: 2 drops of peppermint essential oil + 2 drops of orange essential oil + 2 drops of ylang ylang essential oil

Usage: Use an incense burner to fumigate to let the aromatic essential oil slowly release.

Function: The atmosphere is harmonious, aromatic and natural.

Recipe 3: 5 drops of lavender essential oil + 3 drops of lemon essential oil + 2 drops of cedar essential oil

Usage: Take 5-8 drops of the above-mentioned essential oils, and put them in an aroma lamp filled with clear water. Wait for the heat to slowly release the aromatic oils in the water. You can also directly add the above-mentioned essential oils into the water tank of the humidifier to make the essential oils follow. The water mist of the humidifier is emitted into the air; or the above essential oil is dipped in a cotton ball and placed in a place where the heating pipe emits heat, so that the essential oil is emitted into the air with the heating.

Function: light and aromatic, relaxing and natural.

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